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Drugstore Skin Care Products This Winter #BackToBasics

Drugstore Skin Care Products This Winter #BackToBasics
10 more days to go and we will be bidding adieu to 2016... It's been an interesting year alright, professionally, personally and blog wise... 2016 is the year I actually grew up mentally and emotionally... It has been the year of finding myself, doing stupid things and learning things first hand, gaining confidence and getting a perspective about what my priorities are in life... Needless to say 2016 gave me my life's maximum number of ups and downs till date and also is leaving me with a feeling that things are not gonna slow down in the near future...
I am kinda bracing myself but at the same time I am pretty excited :)

My Makeup Mistakes I Blame On Instagram

My Makeup Mistakes I Blame On Instagram
Instagram is addictive. Anyone who has an account on Instagram will vouch for it... There's something about scrolling through gorgeous pictures of people, sunsets, pets and even food... And if that wasn't enough then throw in uber cute videos of Pandas, pictures of flowers in Sepia and images of beautiful makeup products in high Contrast and Saturation settings... However, being the makeup enthusiast that I am, I generally tend to observe more of how one's brows are on fleek, the Orange eyeshadow is super warm and matte (Kathleen Lights?) and how my favourite YouTuber's highlighter evokes a loud Yaaaaaassss (Jaclyn Hill anyone?)...
Consciously or subconsciously, I end up aping similar makeup techniques that reflect beautifully on my Instagram account but in real life may not be as practical or even look as good...
I decided to document a list of such "mistakes" I make almost on a regular basis and then let's all ex…

5 Untrue Acne Myths You’ve Been Told

5 Untrue Acne Myths You’ve Been Told Acne is one of the most common skin conditions, and thanks to its prevalence, there are plenty of myths regarding its causes and treatment. Unfortunately, many of these myths are simply untrue, and following the advice given by well-meaning but misinformed people can actually make your skin worse. Check out the top six myths about acne below, and learn the truth about your breakouts.