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REVIEW: Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color in GR125 and BE728

REVIEW: Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color in GR125 and BE728

It had been a while since I had actually been blown away by a makeup product. Don't get me wrong, the market is brimming with some really good products that are not only great at what they do but are also very easily available... However, they are all becoming jaded and repetitive... I get the feeling that a brand comes up with something new and almost immediately all brands copy it and come up with similar versions of their own :/
I have been almost bored out of my wits with makeup in the market nowadays...

However, the other day on one of my trips to the mall, I willed myself to go into Sephora and look around... After not finding anything of interest at Stila, Benefit and MUFE, I just cursorily glanced over at the Shiseido counter when I happened to see sleek and pretty pot like containers... The sucker that I am for pretty jars, containers and dabbas, I had to check them out... And boy am I glad I did :)
This is how I chanced upon the Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Colors...

Price of Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color

They cost INR 1850/-

Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Colors, as the name suggests are shimmery, cream eye shadows that come in cute, transparent pots with an opaque, black, crew-on lid. They contain 6gms of product and have a shelf life of about 2 years.

Texture wise they are very light and creamy. They do not have a mousse like consistency but they still feel so light, as if you don't have any product on at all. They take a little time to dry up and hence you can very easily play around with it and get a well blended finish. Once they dry up they do not budge and I have detected a little creasing after about 6 hours of wear on my oily lids. Very impressive!

Color payoff is shade dependent, the darker the shade the more pigmented it is. The lighter the shade, more shimmery it looks. I have bought three shades in this range but I will be mentioning only two of them in this post.

GR125 is a very pretty Olive Green shade with golden shimmer. The color looks more intent in the pot than it does on the eyes but I am not complaining as it gives a very beautiful effect...
BE728 on the other hand is a grey shade that looks a little Taupe-y on me... I love to wear it everyday especially when I am keen on going for a more natural, muted kind of makeup...

GR125 (Green)

GR125 (Green)

GR125 (Green)

Left: GR125
Right: BE728

BE728 (Beige)

BE728 (Beige)

BE728 (Beige)

  1. Long staying
  2. Great range of shades
  3. Cute packaging
  4. Very lightweight
  5. Is waterproof
  6. Feels silky and very easy to blend with both fingers as well as a brush

  1. The pot could have been made of glass instead of plastic. It would have looked classier :)
  2. They are a little on the expensive side
  3. Availability is an issue as I have seen Shiseido products only at Sephora.

Shiseido Cream Eye Color Vs MAC Paint Pots

1. They are both cream eyeshadows however texture-wise they are very different. MAC paint pots feel heavier while Shiseido cream colors are lighter and silkier to feel

2. MAC paint pots dry up very fast and hence one needs to be quick while blending. Shiseido cream colors on the other hand give you ample time to play around. Additionally, they can be easily layered on unlike MAC paint pots that start look clumpy when built upon.

3. MAC paint pots are priced higher than their Shiseido counterparts.

Overall Rating:


  1. Though expensive both the shades look quite nice.

    1. They do! Plus they are so easy to use that they are perfect for when you're in a hurry :)


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