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REVIEW: TIGI Bed Head Head Rush Spray

TIGI Bed Head HeadRush Spray
TIGI Bed Head HeadRush Spray

REVIEW: TIGI Bed Head Head Rush Spray

Holidays are special, especially if they are in the middle of a work week :)
I generally like to spend such holidays solo, unwinding, chilling and basically doing everything I want to... This involves shopping, spending time at the salon, wandering the streets or spending time at my favourite coffee shop with a book by my favourite author... So this Tuesday (Dussehra day) I decided to walk into my favourite coffee and donut shop with a John Grisham and spent a quality couple of hours...

Generally when I visit a restaurant or a cafe alone, I get "looks" from other patrons that range from plain curiosity to shock and even disbelief... But today was different...
After I ordered for my cappuccino and a cinnamon donut I plonked my bag at the edge of a table that had "the bench" kind of seating... I sat myself on one end of the bench and opened my book... My coffee and donut arrived in a couple of minutes and I was by then absorbed into my book... I finished my cinnamon donut and was starting to get up to get an Oreo donut when I noticed another girl sitting on the other end of the bench, sipping coffee, nibbling on a donut and reading a book... She looked up at me and we smiled at each other... It was a magical moment because for the first time in my "wandering the city solo" life did I meet another woman doing the same...

What also caught my eye about this woman was her hair... It was long, black and beautifully shiny... And with every movement that she made her hair caught the light and shone, literally shone! And it immediately reminded me that I had a review for a hair shine spray pending and that's exactly what I am doing right now before I hit the bed! :)

Today I will be reviewing the TIGI Bed Head HeadRush Spray, which is a hairspray to not hold your hair in place but something that claims to make your hair shiny and gorgeous...
It comes in a bright Fuchsia tin can with a spray nozzle and bright green plastic cap. It has black lettering and it sits really pretty on the dresser... TIGI products have fabulous packaging where colors and shapes are concerned and I really love that about them...

Price of TIGI Bed Head HeadRush Spray

It costs INR 950/-

As far as the claim of making your hair look shiny goes, the HeadRush Spray delivers. It made my dry and dull looking hair all spruced and shiny. However, do note that it does not settle frizz, it only impart shine... So if you have frayed ends like me then the product won't really help you there...
Another thing to note is the fact that even though it gives a fabulous sheen, it does not make your hair oily or weight it down... I really like that about it...

What I also like about the product is the fact that it doesn't make my hair dry or feel crunchy. On the other hand my hair feels softer and little more manageable.
Fragrance wise though, I am not really a fan because it smells a little too artificial for my liking...

I would highly recommend getting the TIGI Bed Head HeadRush Spray as it imparts shine to one's hair without drying it up or making it greasy.

Overall Rating:


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