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REVIEW: NYX Cosmetics Matte Bronzer in Deep Tan

NYX Matte Bronzer Deep Tan Review Swatches
NYX Matte Bronzer Deep Tan

REVIEW: NYX Cosmetics Matte Bronzer in Deep Tan

I wear makeup everyday... It started out with simply a kajal in high school which slowly but surely graduated to lip glosses. Mascara followed suit and one day I found myself not able to go on without a blush and an eye brow pencil as well... Lately however, the latest to join my "everyday" makeup must dos are highlighters and matte bronzers...

I don't contour so much but I have come to realise that strategically placed bronzers and highlighters can do wonders for one's look and amp it up to look effortlessly chiseled. Now, who wouldn't want that?

Enter NYX Matte Bronzer...

Finding matte bronzers in India is quite a task and then when you narrow your search to drugstore brands, it is next to impossible to find a decent and a truly matte bronzer... I was honestly tired of using my MAC Cork eye shadow as a bronzer because I couldn't make up my mind about spending a bomb on something as frivolous as a bronzer... And then NYX entered the Indian markets and changed everything...

Price of NYX Matte Bronzer

It costs INR 850/-

The NYX Matte Bronzer comes in 3 shades - Light, Medium and Deep Tan... I picked up Deep Tan because I wanted to use it as a contour shade. If you are pale skinned and need something to simply "warm" up your complexion then Medium Tan should do. However, for contouring purposes Deep Tan is something you would want to consider. However, if you are dark skinned then you may find even Deep Tan to be a little too light and hence ineffective for contouring.
What I really like about the shade selection in the Matte Bronzer department by NYX is the fact that it does not have an Orange undertone and hence it works great to create depth and impart dimension to your makeup.

NYX Matte Bronzer Deep Tan Review Swatches
NYX Matte Bronzer Deep Tan

NYX Matte Bronzer Deep Tan Review Swatches

NYX Matte Bronzer Deep Tan Review Swatches
NYX Matte Bronzer Deep Tan - Review & Swatches

Texture wise it is very finely milled and is hence smooth and silky, which makes it a joy to apply on your skin. It has no fragrance and it can boast of a staying power of over 6 hours, which I think is fabulous!

However, my most favourite feature of the matte bronzer is that fact that it is not over pigmented. It is rather pretty light in a single coat and hence is great for beginners as well as for when you are in a hurry and are prone to make mistakes with your makeup. That said, the bronzer is build-able and hence it is very easy to find the right shade of "darkness" that you may covet to look beautifully contoured.

Overall Rating:

I highly recommend getting this bronzer in the shade Deep Tan in you are looking to contour


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