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Why Give Makeup A Bad Name?

Indian Makeup Beauty Blogger

Why Give Makeup A Bad Name?

Makeup often gets a bad name, its either misunderstood or misused or mistreated and more often than not makeup is left defenseless without anyone taking it's side. I speak about makeup like its a real person because for me it is, it is my best friend for life, it is my confidant and it is something I turn to when I at my lowest lows or the highest highs, when I have revenge on my mind or when I am simply blinded by passion...

Dramatic much?

Makeup I feel is underrated. To understand it's power, what its capable of requires a little experience and a little time spent with makeup. It can either completely transform you or simply enhance a particular feature of yours or better still just present to the world a "groomed" version of yourself. What makeup does for you is your choice, your prerogative...

When someone says that my putting on so much makeup shows to the world that I am not comfortable in my own skin and that I am insecure about my natural looks, I just show them the middle finger (in my head), smirk and tell them to mind their own business cause they would never understand how a cut crease eye makeup makes me feel blessed about my monolids...

When a colleague comments that because I wear so much makeup (call me "makeup ki dukaan" behind my back) it doesn't seem like I am a "technical" person, I show them the finger (in my head again!) and tell them if their obsession with mind numbing video games does make me judge them as little boys then my obsession with bright lipsticks should not cloud their judgement either!

So what I am trying to say here is that it's not makeup that is at fault here, it is us and our understanding of it. More often than not we end up making makeup the scapegoat. If one is insecure about their skin for example it is not the foundation's fault, foundation rather helps us cover it. If one is conscious about pigmented lips, its not the lipstick's fault, lipsticks on the other hand help us feel a little more confident by coating the pigmentation with a little color. If one is not blessed with a full bush of eyebrows then it again is not the eyebrow pencil's fault, the eyebrow pencil is actually your friend helping you enhance what you already have!

Indian Makeup Beauty Blogger

There is seriously no shame in wanting to modify or enhance what you already have been blessed with. Why should I be ashamed of covering my dark circles or lightly enhance my thin lips or even add a little blush to my otherwise pale and flat face? What is the shame in that?
Yes, if my features or the lack of it start affecting my self confidence or the way I perceive my life then there is something very wrong with me but it is not the makeup at fault there either, it is an issue in my head and I should get help for it instead of blaming makeup for it...


  1. Loved the part where you wrote about people calling you 'Makeup ki dukhan". I get that very much, seriously people look at makeup with a negative mind. I get asked "who are you trying to Impress?. But totally loved your posts.

  2. I totally love and admire the fact u wrote this post...Samyukta! People just bash girls with make up as if they r cheap and not from a good family. I dont wear makeup to hide anything.. I wear makeup coz i love how it highlights my features and makes me look even more beautiful. I love makeup coz i feel its an art., a new lipstick brings a smile on my face even on the most stressed out days. Ppl need to be a little more broad minded towards make up now.. Its high time. If make up was such a taboo.. V wudnt have celebrity makeup artists making a living out of their work. Y dont they call 'makeup ki dukaan' to an actress. They love actresses like deepika padukone, katrina kaif without realising is that even they wear make up on screen.


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