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Intricate Looking Quick & Easy Makeup with Duo Chrome Eyeshadows

Duo-Chrome Eyeshadows - MAC Club
Duo-Chrome Eyeshadows - MAC Club

Intricate Looking Quick & Easy Makeup with Duo Chrome Eyeshadows

When I started out with makeup about 6 years ago I was totally obsessed with eyeshadows and everything eye makeup. So much so that if you check out my initial posts on the blog, you'd notice my LOTDs only about bright and beautiful eyeshadow shades. I would not wear foundation, or blush or even lipsticks, it would only feature eyeshadows (brighter the better) and eyeliners...
I would spend hours experimenting with eye makeup looks that could be achieved by using multiple eye shadow shades... It not only made the makeup look complicated, it also added new dimensions to the whole look...

However, as I grew up and my responsibilities increased, my life's priorities changed. Additionally, I started using more types of makeup products and the likes of foundations, blushes and lipsticks joined my stash of eye shadows. So, with time my wearing makeup included more makeup products but the time I could keep aside every morning for makeup while getting ready reduced drastically. This only meant one thing, I had to compromise somewhere and make the process of making up faster...

I tried a lot of permutations. I tried skipping concealer, I tried skipping eye liner, I even tried skipping lipsticks. I finally zeroed on compromising on my eyeshadows. But then I discovered duo-chrome eye shadows! You apply one eye shadow but they give an effect of you having applied multiple shades... How convenient is that? Its not only time saving, it also makes eye makeup simple and easy while making it look super fabulous, super professional and pretty intricate.

In my today's look, I am wearing MAC Club Eyeshadow. It has shades of moss green, pink and a medium brown. So much so that just this one eyeshadow makes it look like I am wearing a brown transition shade in my crease, have pink eyeshadow as my blending shade and a shiny moss green on my lids. Doesn't it?

My favourite technique of wearing a duo-chrome eyeshadow is as follows:
1. Taking a large flat eye shadow brush apply the eye shadow sloppily over your eye lids.
2. Next taking a clean, fluffy blending brush, blend the eye shadow in the crease.
3. Take some eye shadow on the blending brush and again blend in circular motions in the crease area.
4. Finally, taking a smaller flat eye shadow brush, pat on some eye shadow in the centre of your lids.

Duo-Chrome Eyeshadows - MAC Club
Duo-Chrome Eyeshadows - MAC Club

What are your thoughts of duo-chrome eyeshadows?
Which is your favourite duo-chrome eyeshadow?


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