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REVIEW: NYX HD Blush in HDB1 Bronzed

NYX HD Blush - Bronzed
NYX HD Blush - Bronzed

REVIEW: NYX HD Blush in HDB1 Bronzed

So I really want to rush through this post cause it's my bestie's husband's birthday in 4 hours and we are all going out and as usual I am running late... But no I won't rush through this, I promise cause well it is a review post and reviews should be lengthy and should go on and on and on, right? Wrong!

I believe reviews can be effective even if they are short but should be to the point and informative. Do you believe the same?

So anyhow, the NYX fever is on. For those who have no idea why then let me be the 1564th blogger to tell you that NYX has now officially launched in India. They haven't really shared much information with us but as of now it is available on And yes it was always available in Sephora. But what I am looking forward to is independent NYX stores or even kiosks though am not sure if that'll happen any time soon...
NYX is a little expensive in India still and there is a tiny margin of a difference in prices between Sephora and Nykaa.

Like many bloggers, I got sent an array of NYX makeup products before the launch and I have been having a go at all of them. Today, however, I plan to review the NYX High Definition Blush in the shade HDB01 or Bronzed.

Looking at the name, one expects a warm, bronzy blush while the pan as such looks a little cool toned shimmery peach. Surprisingly though it looks warm when I apply it. On a side note I am recently realising that I am probably not warm toned but neutral and hence since this peachy blush looks warm on me, it may not look the same on someone who is truly warm toned. I hope I am making sense here!

Price of NYX HD Blush

It costs INR 600/-

Texture wise the NYX HD Blush are very soft and are very easily bendable thus making it great for even those who are just starting out with makeup. They have pretty good pigmentation and you don't have to struggle to bring the color out if you know what I am saying.
They look great in photographs and make your skin look smoothed out in pictures.
They are absolutely odourless and don't seem to break me out or cause any reactions.

However, they don't stay very long on me, I have seen the blush disappear after about 4 hours of wear in an AC environment, which is baffling really cause all other brands of blushes stay on me for more than 7 hours.

Overall Rating:

It is a good blush but nothing that would make you go wow per se. For the price you could try out a couple of shades.


  1. Absolutely stunning. Love that shade on you x

    Coco | The Beauty Milk

    1. Thank you :) The blush suits warmer under tones really beautifully!

  2. This is adding an amazing glow to your face. Totally gorgeous.

    1. You must give it a shot too, it'll suit Indian skin tones really well for sure :)


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