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My Envy Box - July 2016

My Envy Box - July 2016 Edition

My Envy Box - July 2016

As I sat in bed this morning cupping a steaming mug of fresh ginger and green tea, nursing a throat infection and a fever, the impending day seemed bleak to me. And the fact that we have not really been seeing the sun since the past month now was making matters worse. So I started scrolling through my Snapchat (@samyukta_islm) feed to just take my mind of my sickness when I saw Bhumika of New Love Makeup talking of the latest My Envy Box on her snapchat and it just got me excited!

I knew my July edition of My Envy Box was lying on the dining table unopened and ignored. I darted out of bed and got the Envy Box to bed with me *no pun intended* ;) The stuff the month's box got me all feeling better and it even got me go abandon my bed and click pictures of it. It led to other things and now am sitting on my faux antique wooden chair with two scented candles burning on the glass table in front of me, penning this post :)

My First Impressions - Disappointment leading to Glee

I won't lie, when I first saw that this month's box was curated by Wed Me Good, I expected makeup products in jewelled tones, bright lipsticks and all the shebang that represents Indian weddings. However, there was not a single makeup product in the box and I was like, how meh! But the good beauty blogger that I am, I still still decided to "explore" the box and gradually realised what a wonderful treasure trove this month's box was!

So without further ado, let's just get down to listing the products one by one!

Products in My Envy Box - July 2016 Edition

1. Skin Yoga Marigold Foot Soak (Full Size)

Now seriously when I first saw this in the box I was a little excited. I was not really a foot soak girl... If I need one I either go to a Spa or get a pedicure done at my salon. However, the Omved Foot Soak really helped me look at foot soaks in an all new light and so I when I read that this one by Skin Yoga was actually a Marigold Foot Soak, I rubbed my hands in glee and expected to be floored by an Orange-ey plant smelling bits of salt. What I was not prepared was for a bright yellow coloured, coconut smelling, pop-tarts looking bits.
So I immediately flipped the packet and well it did say 100% Coconut Oil! That's an indication that the foot soak would be moisturising af!!!
I am so intrigued by this that I am dying to recover and finally soak my feet in a luxurious bath of Marigold and Coconut goodness!
Price: It costs INR 695/- for 100 gms

2. Gulnare Glow Girl Shimmering Dry Oil (Deluxe Sample)

The next time in the box is the Gulnare Glow Girl Shimmering Dry Oil and I am probably the most excited about it. I had heard of the brand Gulnare for the first time when the My Envy Box - May 2016 edition included a Gulnare Gentle Face Cleanser.
So coming back, this is as title suggests a body shimmer oil that dries up to a powdery finish. Now I tried it on my arm a bit and very surprisingly it does not leave behind chunky glitter particles at all! The shimmer is very very subtle and unless and until you concentrate you will not be able to see the tiny golden dust that adorns your arms... However, the area where you apply it looks healthy, warm, bronzed and very very St Tropez-ey :P
I however, plan to use it as a face bronzer and see how it goes from there... I shall keep you guys updated ;)
Price: INR 1250/- for 60 ml

3. Kama Kumkumadi Ayurvedic Face Scrum (Sample)

Kama Ayurveda is a fabulous skincare brand and I have used some products from the brand and I have always been floored it. And hence when I saw that this month's My Envy Box contains not one but two products from Kama Ayurveda I was super happy.
In all honestly I haven't really tried out this product and so I cannot really say much about it. But once I do try it out I shall update you guys on Snapchat for sure!
Price: INR 995/- for 50 gms

4. Kama Ayurveda Hand Cream (Sample)

Like I said, another Kamam Ayurveda product in the box and I am a happy bunny this month :)
Again, I haven't tried it yet and hence I shall update you guys about it on snapchat later. However, I did smell it and it has a great fragrance... Very warm, a little ayurved-ey and very very comforting.
Price: INR 695/- for 60 gms

5. Kerastase Fragrant Oil

If the Gulnare body bronzer has got me the most excited then this Kerstase Fragrant Oil is something that has me dancing like a little girl with her new barbie. I love good fragrances and if its a hair fragrance then you got me hooked. Last month's My Envy Box had a hair perfume while this month we got a Hair Fragrant Oil which is awesome really...
The fact that its in a oil form helps your hair feel smooth and less frizzy all the while making it smell fragrant and beautiful. It doesn't cause your hair to get greasy and the smell stays on for pretty long.
This is one product that I am seriously thinking of purchasing a full size of!
Price: INR 5600/- for 120 ml

Have you received your Envy Box yet? What do you think of it? Did you get any different product?


  1. I love Mehak and her blogs and I will happily buy whatever she curates! Lol! One of the best beauty bloggers in India easily.

  2. These are some really nice samples and it is really nice to see that Envy box has started collaborating with bloggers.

  3. All the samples look great and totally worth trying out. Looking forward to the shimmer oil review and also the kerastase oil.


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