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I Want To Love The Maybelline Magnum Barbie Mascara But I Don't

Maybelline The Magnum Barbie Mascara
Maybelline The Magnum Barbie Mascara

I Want To Love The Maybelline Magnum Barbie Mascara But I Don't

You know the time when you have been eyeing a new restaurant in town but have not been able to make time to actually go and sample it out? However, finally one fine evening everything seems to be falling into place and you at last make time to get dinner reservations at the restaurant... By the time you get your table, you realise that you've waited for this moment for so long that you really want to love it...
So much so that you choose to ignore little flaws here and there and because the food's genuinely tasty you try to ignore that the service sucked... And so that you can confidently tell yourself that the restaurant is everything you wished for, you make another reservation, this time for lunch. But history repeats itself, the food comes out brilliantly but the service simply doesn't seem up to the mark... You still "forgive" the "little" flaw until the server drops a bowl of hot curry on you...
And then you realise that you've been had. A good restaurant is one that has not just brilliant food but also impeccable service...

Le Drama!

This is exactly what happened with me and the Maybelline Magnum Barbie Mascara... Ok probably nothing as dramatic but well...


Price of Maybelline Magnum Barbie Mascara

It costs INR 399/-

So first things first, why do I want to love the mascara?
This mascara is the bomb where barely there lashes are concerned. It volumes in a single coat no doubt but what it also does is, it lengthens my lashes as well!!! And that ladies and gentlemen is a first. No mascara has ever lengthened my lashes and hence I knew this Barbie mascara would be special...
Also, the mascara comes with "duo fibre", whatever the hell that means but what is essentially does is, it coats your lashes with this hair like tiny and thin fibres making your lashes automatically look naturally thicker and full...

Additionally, the mascara was a slight C shaped brush and that makes it easier for you to coat every lash with the mascara... The brush fits perfectly on the curve of my lashes and it literally is a breeze to apply this mascara...

I LOVE the effect it has on my lashes.

However, you need to make sure that you don;t apply more than 2 coats as due to the fibres present it may end up making your lashes looked clumped unless of course you want to go for such a look :P

Now coming to the part about why I am not able to embrace it with open arms...
Every time I have worn the mascara, a couple of fibres have fallen into my eye and irritated me. Most of the times it isn't as serious and a strategic rub on my eye lids have alleviated the irritation. However, my "hot curry" (read para 1 for reference) moment was when I wore the mascara to "Udta Punjab"... The fibres that had fallen into my eye just wouldn't stop irritating me and I had to watch the movie, followed by a dinner with my irritated eye... Finally, when I got back home my eye was red and swollen...
The sad part is that it wasn't the only incident. It happened again today when I went to get a foot massage at the Quan Spa... My eye would just not stop irritating me...

My left eye is irritated

Needless to say that even though the mascara works wonderfully, I just cannot risk another evening of an irritated eye...

Have you tried this mascara? How has your experience been?


  1. Ohnooo! Sad to hear u experienced irritation. I bought this mascara a couple o' weeks ago but I haven't opened it yet. Now am reeeally scared since I have uber-sensitive eyes :-(


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