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LOTD: Intense Smokey Eyes & Chit Chat about Undertones!

LOTD featuring Intense Smokey Eyes & Chit Chat about Undertones!

All I know are sad songs, sad songs
All I know are sad songs!
I have been obsessed with this song the whole day today! I know I posted videos with this song playing in the background umpteen number of times on Snapchat today and I can imagine how irritating it must have gotten for those of you all who are not a fan of it :P

Bear with me please :)

Sooooo today I want to talk about undertones. For those who are probably just starting out with makeup, it might not really ring a bell yet but let me tell you sweetheart that your undertone is probably something that will always help you determine what looks good on you and what doesn't, better than your mirror!


So what is an undertone really? Your skin's undertone is basically the underlying tone of your skin. Skin tones are generally determined as light, medium or dark while an undertone is either warm, cool or neutral.
Please note that a lot of people mistakenly assume that fairer people have cool undertones while dark skin tones mean warmer undertones but that is a myth and has not truth behind it.

How To Determine Your Undertone

There are basically 4 ways that will help you understand your undertone. However, there is one specific test that I have that has worked wonders for me and I shall share that in the end...

Test #1 - Jewellery Test
This is easy. You just need to tie your hair back and wear some jewellery (so far so good!). They say if Gold jewellery looks better on you than Silver then you have warm undertones as opposed to cool.
If both look equally good on you then you are Neutral toned!

Test #2 - Check Your Veins
This can get a little tricky and hence should be tested in natural light. Observe the veins in the inside of your wrist. If they appear Green then my friend you are warm toned, if they look blue or even purple then you are cool toned. If they appear neither or just a mixed blue-green then you are Neutral for sure!

Test #3 - White or Cream
This is a cute test really... Wear a white dress/dupatta and then a cream dress/dupatta. If white makes your complexion stand out and makes you look bright (cream/off white looks dirty on you) then you have a warm undertone, vice versa for cool undertones

Test #4 - Highlighter Test
This I feel is the easiest way to determine your undertone. If golden, bronze-ey or coppery highlighters suit you better then you my sweetheart are warm undertones. However, if silver, champagne-ey or pale pink highlighters make you look like the epitome of beauty then you know you have cool undertones.
If both look equally good on you then you are neutral toned!

Secret Test
I call this the MAC Cosmo Lipstick test :)
Its simple really, if you MAC Cosmo suits you, looks like a warm pink on your lips then you have warm undertones. This is one reason why MAC Cosmo and MAC Mehr often are on the Best MAC Lipsticks for Indian Skintones lists.
If Cosmo looks pale pink or a bluish pink on you then you most probably have a cool undertone.
However, if it does not suit you one bit then be rest assured that you have Neutral Undertones!

What Is My Undertone?

I have all my life believed that I have a warm undertone. You know, I am an Indian with Asian genes (I am half Manipuri), so it was always plain to me that I had yellow aka warm undertones. Plus foundations with a yellow base always suited me well and I was happy.
But there was one thing that always bugged me and that was how the cult favourite MAC Cosmo never suited me one bit! This led me to finally get down to do the 4 undertone tests that I listed above. Sure enough, I have blue-green veins, white or off-white look the same on me, silver and gold jewellery both work on me with the same intensity and then it dawned on me how I was living a lie all this while *drama*...
So I have very recently realised that I am Neutral undertoned.

My Makeup Look Today

My makeup today is unique in a way that I am wearing oxidised silver jewellery from Amrapali and to offset it as well as to highlight my neutral undertone, I have used both warm as well as cool highlighters to complete this look.
What is your undertone? What made you finally understand your undertone?

Jewellery - Amrapali
Black Eye Shadow - The Body Shop Color Crush Eyeshadow in Moonlight Kiss 015
False Lashes - Ardell Glamour Lashes - 103


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