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My Kiko Milano Haul

My Kiko Milano Haul

While I sip on my glass of port and listen to Alex Cruz's music, I cannot help but feel a little sad about how I wasted my Saturday sleeping... I was on leave on Friday (period woes) and I spent 48 hours i.e. Friday and Saturday only sleeping... I did not eat, did not watch television or even check my messages and other stuff on my phone... I simply slept... Periods have that effect on me... You'd think at the age of 30, I'd probably have tamed the monthly visitor but well sorry it just seems so untameable!

Anyhow, now that I am back on the scene I decided to finally get down to blogging about the Kiko Milano shopping that I did during my visit to Italia. It wasn't really a huge haul per se, but I am kinda happy with the products that I got. I do kick myself a little for not trying more things out but well, may be some other time :)

I'll be honest when I tell you that I researched a little about Kiko Milano before I left for Italy and most of the American YouTubers who'd just returned from their Euro trips suggested against Kiko Face products... So, I like a good girl stayed away from them. My sister however got herself an oil control foundation from Kiko and she loves it! I am obviously jealous for not taking a risk with Kiko face products :(
Thus I always say, read reviews but buy whatever your heart desires... You know what works for me may not work for you and vice-versa!

Also, most YouTubers and beauty bloggers suggested getting blushes from Kiko but honestly I could not find a single shade that would suit Indian skin tones... All of the shades were so so light! Another example of why not to listen to bloggers :P Gosh! By the end of the post I'd probably lose all my blog readers :/


Anyway, enough of my rants and I shall now directly get down to the matter at hand...
Kiko Milano is an Italian brand with stores now in major European cities and the US. I have heard that they are also setting up shop in India, Delhi to be precise!
Kiko Milano was present in all the Italian cities I visited, Rome, Florence, Genova, Milan, Venice... I shopped at the store in Florence, which was in a quaint, little, historic building... Bellisima!

The first thing you notice when you enter a Kiko Milano store is how much it resembles a MAC Cosmetics store... Everything is so elegantly done up, the MUAs are beautifully made up and have black outfits on, makeup is stacked along stark white walls and also on white island counters, you get the drift...

Nail Polishes

The first thing I was drawn to were the Nail Polishes... I had read some rave reviews about Kiko Milano Nail Paints and I was psyched looking at the gorgeous varieties of colors on display... I got myself 5 shades and then I bought a whole lot as gifts...

Back Row (L-R): 318, 319
Front Row (L-R): 284, 361, 496 

The nail polishes proved to be actually amazing. They have some great color pay-off, are opaque , 2 coats are more than enough and I did not see any chipping even on day 6.
They cost a mere Euro 1.90 (INR 144 approx).

Lipsticks & Lip Pencils

Next I moved on to lip products... I wanted everything! So what I did was I picked up 1 product from each range (still couldn't cover all :/)... I picked up 2 Smart Lipsticks, 1 Velvet Passion Lipstick (my fave), 1 Glossy Shine Lipstick and 1 Smart Lip Pencil... The shade of the lip pencil was so beautiful that I picked 12 more of them to gift my friends...

Kiko Smart Lipstick Shades - L-R: 926, 925
The Smart Lipstick range is like the everyday range and consists of shades that qualify as everyday makeup... They have a delightful variety of nudes, browns and neutrals. I picked up shades 925 (a beautiful brownish nude) and 926 (a gorgeous sheer plum).
The Smart Lipsticks cost Euro 3.90 (INR 295 approx)

Kiko Velvet Passion Lipstick

Kiko Milano Velvet Passion Lipstick in Shade 304
Kiko Milano Velvet Passion Lipstick in Shade 304

Coming to the Velvet Passion range, it is probably the priciest range where lipsticks are concerned. It is however, my favourite range. The lipsticks in this range are all matte and the shades are brighter and bolder. I picked up the shade 304 (I wish Kiko had names instead of shade numbers) and it is one of the most beautiful pinks I own... I wear it almost everyday (you've seen it so many times on my Snapchat!). The color pay-off of this range is just outstanding and the lipstick stays on you forever!
The texture is really matte and yet it is not drying...
The Velvet Passion Lipsticks cost Euro 8.90 (INR 675 approx)...

Kiko Milano Ultra Glossy Stylo Lipstick

Kiko Milano Ultra Glossy Stylo Lipstick in Shade 814
Kiko Milano Ultra Glossy Stylo Lipstick in Shade 814

The next range of lipsticks that I tried were from the Ultra Glossy Stylo range and honestly I haven't yet worn this lipstick... I'll probably wear it tomorrow and update you guys on snapchat :) But as the name suggests, I expect it to be super glossy and very very pretty ^_^ *giggles*
It costs Euro 4.90 (INR 372 approx).

Kiko Milano Smart Lip Pencil in Shade 709

Finally the Smart Lip Pencil, like I said I picked up 13 of them and all are in the same shade 709. The shade is a gorgeous Fuchsia and I am in love with this color! The lip pencil as such is of great quality, not drying and it stays on for pretty long. It however is not transfer proof...
It costs Euro 2.50 (INR 190 approx).


I got myself 3 kinds of eye shadows and as of now I feel they are ok-ok... Nothing too out of this world :/

Kiko Milano High Pigment Wet and Dry Eyeshadow in Shade 13

Kiko Milano High Pigment Wet and Dry Eyeshadow in Shade 13
I bought this solely because it was a gorgeous shade of Purple with a beautiful satiny finish. Apparently, it can be used wet as well as dry though I have only used it dry till now. I'll do a review of it soon and you all can know about it in detail :)
I have worn this twice till now and each time it stayed on me for a decent 6 hours without creasing (over a primer). Pigmentation is good and its pretty easily blendable.
It costs Euro 5.90 (INR 447 approx).

Kiko Milano Eyeshadow in Shade 118

Kiko Milano Eyeshadow in Shade 131
These are probably the most basic form of eyeshadows Kiko Milano has and I obviously picked up one shimmery and one matte just to test the waters... The good news is that they are decently pigmented, have minimal fall-out and stay on for around 6 hours without creasing. The bad news is that they are a bitch when you try to blend them :(
They cost Euro 2.90 (INR 220 approx).

Kiko Milano Eyetech Look Eyeshadow in Shade 116

Kiko Milano Eyetech Look Eyeshadow in Shade 116

Finally, I come to the most disappointing product of the lot and that is the Kiko Milano EyeTech Look Eyeshadow. I got myself the shade 116, which was supposed to be a glorious purplish, silver grey. It however has pretty average pigmentation and it doesn't stay on the eyes for long. I wouldn't recommend it.
It costs Euro 5.90 (INR 447 approx).


Kiko Milano has the hugest variety of mascaras I have ever seen by a brand. I am not even kidding when I say that they probably have more than 15 types of mascaras, so much so that it is extremely difficult to choose what you want! And you know how difficult it is to pick a mascara without trying (never use testers!) and by simply looking at the brush.... So i just picked up the mascara that had the prettiest packaging and brought it home with me...
After I used it I realised it was the BOMB and so at my next stop in a Kiko Milano store in venice, I picked up a backup :) Smart eh? ;)

I have already reviewed the Kiko Milano Luxurious Lashes Mascara and I recommend it whole-heartedly!
It costs Euro 3.90 (INR 296 approx).

Things You May Want To Know

  1. My sister bought herself the Kiko Milano Matte Mousse Oil Free Foundation and she loves it. She says that it doesn't budge even when her day consists of 3 hours of continuous dancing! Pretty impressive! It costs Euro 12.90 (INR 980 approx).
  2. Kiko Milano packaging isn't of very high quality. It isn't cheap either but its like a basic drugstore brand packaging. Well the prices are cheap and hence I guess its justified!
  3. Pet dogs are allowed in all Kiko Milano stores in Italy :)
  4. I regret not getting the Makeup Remover, Face Powder and some more shades from the Velvet Passion Lipstick range.
  5. Kiko Milano Eye Liners are useless... All of them smudged on my hand.


  1. I was actually waiting for this post. Everything looks so lovely.
    Also , how is the lipstick ka staying power?


    1. ♥♥♥
      The Velvet Passion stays for almost 6 hours with meals
      The Ultra Glossy one stays for 4 hours and then leaves a stain
      The Smart Lipsticks stay for 2 hours...

  2. I seriously think these would have been the products that I wud have picked up myself..Lovely haul...swatches awaited!!!

    1. Awwwww thank you ^_^
      Yup I'll do swatches and reviews in the coming week :)

  3. What have you done pretty! Please review these asap.
    I saw that their frosty shadows also double up as highlighters. Was kind of hoping to see it because I do trust your reviews.

    1. *giggles* Yup reviews coming right up...
      The frosty eye shadows (aqua eyeshadows I think) were too shimmery for my liking and hence I didn't pick it up :/ Now I think I should have picked up at least 1 just for a trial of sorts na :(

      And thank you for trusting my reviews ♥

  4. The Kiko lipsticks look super amazing!

  5. Oh wow the lip smart pencil looks gorgeous on you


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