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LOTD: Quick Glowing Makeup Look for Rushed Monday Mornings

LOTD: Quick Glowing Makeup Look for Rushed Monday Mornings

My relationship with Mondays can best described as complicated. It's complicated without a doubt. I want to hate Mondays because my Instagram and Facebook feeds tell me to, you know the blah blah about Monday Blues and all that jazz but my mind tells another story :) I find Mondays to be full of hope, hope of new things to come, changes, hope of a productive week at work and a hope of getting time to clean my house...

Nonetheless, my Mondays are always rushed!

I invariably sleep late the night before, I snooze my alarm in the morning for more times than is healthy, you get the drift... And hence when I am finally done with my shower and other necessary morning rituals, I get almost no time to do my makeup... So I take shortcuts that I decided to share with you all today and if you have dry skin and oily lids like me, you might even incorporate it in your rushed Monday Morning makeup rituals ;)

So here goes...

Makeup Tricks for a Glowing Look on a Rushed Monday Morning

1. Foundation - Yes; Powder - No
Yup you read it right! Instead of opting for a powder or a powder foundation, I generally prefer wearing a foundation (I have dry skin and I like a little glow) and I don't set it with powder. But this works only if you use a damp beauty blender to apply it. It doesn't stay if you apply the foundation with a foundation brush. I don't know the logic behind it but it could be that you "press" the foundation into the skin helping it get absorbed faster and more easily and hence the foundation stays even without being set with a powder.
However, if you wear specs then you might need to set the foundation with powder on the bridge of your nose.

2. Kajal on Waterline - Yes; Eyeliner on Upper Lashline - No
This is perhaps the oldest trick in the bag, which we all have been following since probably high school. Wear kajal and skip any other form of makeup. However, I add a little "grown up" twist to this trick and what I do is in addition to applying kajal on my waterline, I also apply it on my tightline. This ensures that my eyes don't look droopy and tired.

3. Mascara - Yes
This is not optional... A mascara has the power to transform your entire look from -2 to +100 in a matter of seconds and hence I take my mascara very seriously. I perhaps take the maximum time to apply my mascara since I rarely apply anything less than 3 coats and sometimes I even mix up two different mascaras for length as well as volume.
One thing to note is to avoid coloured mascara and use a jet black one instead. This gives depth to your eyes and in the absence of an eye liner on your upper lash line, it gives you an illusion that you are wearing some!

4. Cream Blush - No; Powder Blush - Yes
Probably another no-brainer but I had to mention it. Cream blushes take forever to apply and hence its only about powder blushes for me when I am in a hurry. I generally apply it in an upward sweep from the outer side of the apples of my cheeks and extend it up to my hairline.
This lifts up my face and makes it look a little slimmer.
Another important point that I always take care of is using a matte blush. As my foundation alway looks a little shiny without being set with a powder, to keep the shine effect to the minimum, I avoid a shimmery blush and stick to a matte one.

5. Eyebrow Pencil - Yes
Another must. Well done eyebrows can transform one's face and take years off. Well shaped and full brows give an impression of youth and hence I have made #browsonfleek my mantra ;)
Instead of a black or brown eyebrow pencil, I use a grey one as I believe it looks the most natural on me.

6. Lipstick - No; Lip balm/gloss - Yes
This is purely because I find applying lipstick in a hurry to be a little time consuming. Instead I slam on a little lip balm or gloss as they are easier to handle and very seldom can you go wrong with them. My favourite though are tinted lip balms as they not only impart color but also ensure that your lips remain moisturised through the day.

So that's all I do for makeup of Monday mornings when I am late, which most of the time is so...
What are some of your tricks that help you battle Monday mornings?


  1. Thanks for sharing the monday morning makeup tricks.. You are glowing.. As I also find almost no time before I go out for work, I find it really helpful.. one thing which I want to know is the brand of your foundation?


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