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Is Micellar Water Breaking You Out?

Is Micellar Water Breaking You Out?

I had done a post a little while ago about the most popular ways of makeup removal where Cleansing Oils and Butters won the race with Micellar water a close third. Seeing how popular Micellar water was and all the hype around it tempted me to give this "revered" product a shot. Hence, on my way back from Italy, I picked up a bottle of Bioderma Micellar water from the Dubai Airport.

At first I welcomed the change, it felt less harsh than my makeup remover, it did a decent job of removing my makeup and all in all I was satisfied if not impressed. And then it broke me out... There popped two pimples first and then a whole cluster emerged in the week I used micellar water. Imagine my shock!

I always knew Micellar Water was recommended for beauties with sensitive skin and hence I couldn't believe that it broke my dry skin out... I have pretty resilient skin and am not at all pimple prone... So, it was obvious that Micellar water was not suiting me at all... Needless to say I immediately stopped using it after using it for a whole week...

The other day while chatting with Nimisha (ISLM writer), we came to the topic of Micellar Water and she mentioned that it broke her out as well... This obviously got me thinking and I realised that I wasn't the only one out for whom Micellar Water did not work... So I researched a little on the internet and I was surprised to see many women have similar complains.

Micellar Water Can Break You Out.

The most important thing to remember about Micellar Water is that it is not water and it is not be used as a replacement of water. It is essentially a replacement of a makeup remover. Micellar Water should be used exactly how one uses a makeup remover and the wash off the face with water and preferably a gentle cleanser... Many people experience breakouts because they mistake it for a replacement of water and then do not wash off the residue with a cleanser.

If like me, this is not the case for you then my only bet is that like many things that may not suit you due to reasons as mysterious as it can get, you simply need to come to terms with the fact that a global cult favourite product like Bioderma Micellar Water simply wasn't meant for you.

What's your experience with Micellar Water?


  1. Your post is the first one where I read that you should wash off after cleansing with Micellar water. I totally agree with you, one must. After one its all chemicals, one should not let it hang on skin, it will do more harm than good.

  2. I dont know where exactly, but long back I read that one has to wash off the face after using Michellar water. Good to see thisn post, now many will be aware of it :)


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