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Why Do I Need A Hand Cream?

Why Do I Need A Hand Cream?

Its interesting you know how we tend to take care the most of the part of our body that we perhaps use the least physically... Our face...  We use different kinds of cleansers, moisturisers, scrubs, masks and the list goes on :) But surprisingly enough our hands are probably the most used and yet the most ignored part where lavishing body parts with potions and lotions are concerned...

And so today I decided to write up a post that will talk about hand creams, why they are necessary and when is the perfect time to start pampering your hands...

Hands are probably that part of our bodies that show the first signs of ageing. Needless to say that alone should be enough to send us scampering to hand cream land but tonight I am in the mood write and write I will, about all that our hands go through...

Our hands really do go through a lot. Apart from the day to day activities they are exposed to harsh chemicals and other elements in the form of detergents, hard water, the sun and even dirt and grime. Additionally, it is encouraged to wash one's hands multiple times in a day for health and hygiene reasons but that again strips your hands off necessary moisture and hence hand creams come to our rescue.

How are Hand Creams different from Face & Body Creams?

The skin on our hands are pretty different from that on our faces in a way that our facial skin is thinner than that on our hands in addition to the fact that the composition (sweat glands etc) is way different as well. If that wasn't enough, the skin on our palms are way thicker with less pores and hence in order for the cream to penetrate easily hand creams need to have a thicker texture than face creams... On the other hand, hand creams should be easily absorbed and that alone makes them very different from body creams...

When Do I Start Using Hand Creams?

I would suggest since the time you start using a face cream :P
But on a serious note, I think early 20s is the perfect time to start using one. Prevention after all is better than cure :)

How Do I Choose A Hand Cream?

Well there isn't really a science behind it :) How do you choose a face cream? You choose it on the basis of your skin type, right? Whatever feels good to your skin, you go for it... Same way, the skin on your hands help you choose the right hand cream :) If you have dry skin, you may prefer to go for something with a heavier texture while for oily skin beauties you might want something lighter.
Plus the season plays a role too :) For example, I love The Body Shop Frosted Plum Hand Cream in the Summers while I sell my soul to the Burt's Bees Hand Salve during the Winters...

In addition to that, I choose my hand creams based on their fragrance too ;) But that's purely a personal thing...

Do you use a hand cream? Which one is your favourite?


  1. I am getting my hang on hand creams. Loving the options from Innisfree and The Body Shop.

  2. You should try L'Occitane too..their hand creams are lovely !

  3. Nice post! We actually do ignore our hands. I have the same TBS frosted hand cream but I am not using it on a regular basis. Probably now I will.


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