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Coffee Breaks With ISLM: Are You Ready For The Summers?

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: Are You Ready For The Summers?

ISLM Writer: Sabista

Social issues, social issues and social issues. That’s all we’ve been discussing in our coffee breaks. Let’s take a break and concentrate on beauty for a bit. Here are ten beauty and skin care hacks that will help you survive through the summers and make sure you’re as fresh as a daisy all through!

Water is your best friend!

Don’t forget, in summers, water is your best friend! Make sure you’re gulping on at least 3-4 liters of water on a daily basis. If you get bored of regular water, play it up by adding some lemon, mint leaves, strawberries, honey etc. to turn it into a nice little flavored tonic.

Say goodbye to summer sweat odor!

So have you had those days where you’re in such a hurry that you forget to deodorize?  Worry not! Odor is not caused from the sweat itself but the bacteria produced by the sweat. Take some hand sanitizer and dab it on your under arms. Voila! Odor all gone! This is not for regular use though. Don’t be lazy all the time! Using flavored sanitizer will make sure you smell fruity all day!

The no makeup, makeup mascara!

When you’re fed up of using mascara in the summer, because the sweat makes it impossible to deal with it, go clear instead! Take a tub of Vaseline, dip a good ol’ finger in it and swipe it along your lashes. This works as a clear mascara and makes sure you have no left over pieces of mascara falling over your cheeks and under eye throughout the sweaty, hot days.

God loves those, who love thy hair!

Do not forget to wear protective serum on your hair before stepping out into the sun. Just like sun screen is important for the face, heat resistant serum is important for the hair in summers. Heat resistant serum isn’t just for styling appliances, it is also for the scorching sun that fries your hair.

Swipe yourself some wipes!

Sometimes, makeup can be a lot to handle in the summers and you just want to swipe it all off your face. Everybody knows how expensive makeup wipes are and how harmful those scented wipes are because of the chemicals. Well, if you want skin as soft as a baby’s butt, pick up some Johnson’s Baby’s Butt Wipes and use it to swipe off your makeup. It leaves you feeling fresh and moisturized and doesn’t have any harmful chemicals.

Here’s a (Q) Tip for you!

Carry Q tips with you all through the summer! Sometimes, sweat can end up leaving us with runny kohl or smudged liner, or even that occasional black goop on the inside corner of the eye. Instead of using your fingers to clean it up and ruining your eye makeup, just dampen a Q tip and swab along the error area. Voila, you’re goop free!

Through the looking glasses!

If you wear glasses and they keep sliding down because of a sweaty nose, I have a tip for you! Dab in primer all over your nose before you put on your glasses and you should be good to go for the day. No more sliding glasses!

Bold makes you beautiful!

Somedays, you’re just lazy and too drained out because of the heat to go through an entire routine of foundation, concealer and what not. You want to look fabulous but the heat just doesn’t let you! Worry not girls; crack open your case of dark lipsticks! You can actually pull off a fabulous looking face by just adding some mascara to your eyes and a nice and vibrant shade of lipstick to your lips. If you bave any of those nasty acne scars, just use a nice and light BB cream to cover them up and you’re good to go.

Make those sun burns disappear!

We all get those red rashes or angry maroon burns from staying out in the sun too long. And they hurt to the touch. Well, they can be fixed with ease. Take an ice cube holder and pour aloe vera gel into each ice cube socket. Once it is fully frozen, you can use these cubes on your burns and rashes and you’ll feel as cool as an Eskimo.

Shade it up!

Buy yourself some stylish shades which have UV protection glass on them. Shielding your eyes from the sun can save them from wrinkles, crow’s feet and a lot of wear and tear.

So ladies, gear up with these hacks for the summer and you’ll be feeling amazing all through!


  1. This is a cool post. Loved all the points especially the sanitiser tip. A round of applause for you, Samyukta.

  2. Perfect tips and i loved the way you have written it :)


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