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Are You On Snapchat?

Follow Me on Snapchat...

Last month I met up with an old friend who was visiting India on a mini vacation and we got talking on how easy it is for people to be in touch without having to take much effort, all thanks to social media... Facebook is great for knowing what's going on in everyone's lives, twitter gives an insight on what's going in everyone's heads at a particular time and Instagram is just perfect to actually "see" what's been keeping people busy through the day...

"What about snapchat", he asked... And I simply scrunched my nose and said, "I don't use it much". He was shocked to say the least...

I decided to explore Snapchat a little more...

And 3 weeks later, I am hooked!

Why Is Snapchat Awesome?

Snapchat literally provides a breath of fresh air... Agreed that it is simply a photo and video sharing app but it is very different from Instagram and Facebook and here is how:
  1. Whatever you post (snap or snapchat story) is visible only for 24 hours. Once your snapchat story is 24 hours old, it is deleted forever. So your wall is not crowded with crores and crores of pictures and videos that you have already viewed. Its like it comes with its own cleanup tool :)
  2. It enables people to be in touch with each other real time! I post a snap and you reply to it immediately with either another snap or text. That's it... After I see your reply, it is gone forever!
  3. There are no followers on Snapchat :) Yes you do follow people (snapchat says 'Add as a Friend') but people cannot see the number of the followers they have. Thus you cannot buy fake followers. Additionally, brands haven't yet figured out a way to have for digital influencers to flood their snapchat with not always genuine endorsements. This makes snapchat stories of most bloggers rather genuine and real!

Why Should You Follow Me On Snapchat?

  1. I am now living on snapchat. I snap anything that catches my fancy and hence if you would like to follow my daily, mundane routine then add me as a friend on Snapchat :)
  2. I post more videos on snapchat. I do mini-reviews of new products, I share my thoughts when I come across something interesting in a magazine, I even talk about the traffic on snapchat... So yeah adding me on snapchat is like having a mini visual radio experience ;)
  3. I generally do my shopping with Snapchat. Whenever I am not sure of buying a certain dress or a top or a lipstick, I snapchat it and people help me decide. It's literally like shopping with yours friends virtually!
  4. Instagram is all about filters and snapchat helps me share with my friends the "real" deal without the added skin smoothening and color enhancing touch-ups!
  5. You can ask me queries and questions and even give me suggestions real time. Its like us having a real conversation :)

How Can You Follow Me On Snapchat?

  1. My snapchat handle is @samyukta_islm. You can "Search by Username" and then add me as a friend.
  2. You can take a snap (open snapchat, point your snapchat camera at the image below and long press your screen). I will be automatically added as your friend.

Whats your take on snapchat? Are you as addicted as I am?
Leave me your snapchat handles in the comments... I am looking to follow people there :)


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