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5 Beauty and Skincare Advice I Would Give My 20 Year Old Self

5 Beauty & Skincare Advice I Would Give My 20 Year Old Self

There is no defying age... It has a way of sneaking up to you when you least expect it to... And hence it is imperative to prepare yourself a little in advance so that you are not taken off-guard and not left high and dry when age strikes...

I make it sound so dramatic!

As I look forward to turning 31 in the next 4 months, I cannot help but pat my back at some things that I have done well over the years... However, there still are these little things that I feel I could have taken more seriously and that's exactly what I plan to pen down today... 5 Beauty and Skincare Advice that I would give my 20 year old self...

Wow I suddenly feel so old!
*Age is just a number*
*Age is just a number*
*Age is just a number*
*Age is just a number*
*Age is just a number*

1. Use An Eye Cream

This is probably the most important advice of the lot! I cannot begin to tell you how important it is to take care of the area around your eyes. We all know that the skin around our eyes is thin and extra sensitive to environmental factors and it is the first place that start showing signs of ageing... Hence, it is a no-brainer that it requires special care.
Umpteen number of eye creams are available in the market and it is a myth that they are only for anti-ageing and requires one to be well into their late 20s for them to start using one. Eye creams are for all ages and in addition to being anti-ageing, they help in reducing puffiness and they are also there to brighten the around-the-eyes-area... You just need to make your choice :)
Some eye creams that I have used:
Ponds Age Miracle Firm and Lift Eye Cream
Chamber Hydra Max Eye Renewal Cream
The Body Shop Nutrigancis Smoothing Eye Cream
The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso Brightening Eye Cream

2. Remove Your Makeup Every Night

Duh uh! Another one that is a no-brainer and yet something that is very very easy to ignore... I know there have been numerous nights when I slept off with my makeup on and trust me when I say that at the ripe age of 30, I regret it! I regret not being careful about it, big time! And even though I cannot rewind and go back in time, I am now more sincere about removing my makeup at night so that I don't regret more when I am 40 and look back at my 30s ruefully...
Why is removing makeup every night important you ask... Well, it is a known fact that our skin rejuvenates and recuperates when we sleep and when you have makeup on while you are on a snoozefest, it directly inhibits the skin's natural repair mechanism.
Apart from this it can also result in clogged pores giving rise to pimples and skin eruptions...
Also the oxidation process because of the chemicals from your makeup can end up ageing your skin faster...
These should be enough reasons to compel you to remove your makeup every night before bed :)

3. Eat Lots of Fruits Everyday

You might find this advice a little odd but this is one rule I have followed religiously all my life, through the teens and after it... I eat a lot of fresh fruits throughout the day and it really helps... It doesn't really matter which fruits you must make a part of your daily intake but for best results you must stick to seasonal fruits... This literally means eat lots of mangoes, musk melons and water melons in Summers and not during the winters and indulge in cold weather fruits like oranges, strawberries and grapes during the winters rather than the summers.
This practice is not just good for boosting your immunity, it also helps your body with regular intakes of necessary vitamins and minerals. This in turn helps in repairing of the skin making it look healthier and imparting a glow from within...

4. Experiment With Makeup & Your Hair

I cannot begin to tell you how important this is because it is not just about unleashing your creative side, it is also about getting stuff out of your system so that later in life, when you have matured you can settle down satisfied... You can look back at your formative years and smugly say "Been there, done that!"... Trust me...
Today at 30, I still experiment but I have to be careful cause my hair, my skin and my body is not what it used to be at 20. I am being extremely honest with you all here when I say that my hair does not grow at the same pace as it used to anymore, my skin has now become a little sensitive and I do see pigmentation and freckles here and there... So I got to be careful now... However, because I know I experimented with makeup, I had my hair done in all sorts of styles, all sorts of colors and all sorts of treatments, I feel content and I don't miss doing crazy things anymore...

Thinking of getting your hair straightened? Do it! Thinking of getting that crazy blue lipstick? Get It! Thinking of trying out acrylic nails even though you know they are bad for you? Try it!
You Live Only Once and 20 is the best time to experiment!

5. Understand Your Skin

Yes, get to know your skin skin tone wise as well as texture wise... This will give you an insight on what products work for and on your skin... What shades of foundations, blushes, powders and other products that you put on your face will be based on your understanding of your skin tone... And this will see you through for the rest of your life...
As far as the texture of your skin is concerned, it is obvious that you have the correct comprehension of your skin type and I am not just talking about dry, oily, combination or normal skin. I am talking about understanding how your skin behaves in different seasons. I for example know that my skin is super dry during winters but it turns combination during the Summers... This information has helped not just choose the right type of skincare products for myself but has also helped me be smart about the type of makeup I wear all through the year...
And 20s is the best time to forge this bond of best friendship with your skin. Remember, 30s is the time when you take care of your skin and hence the understanding that you create in your 20s comes in handy!

I hope you all found this post not just insightful but also helpful. If you have any other suggestions or advice that you think might be of help to 20 somethings then please do leave them through the comments :)


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