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The Body Shop Insta-Blur Eye All-In-One Tinted Concealer+Primer Colour Intensifier Review And Swatches!

The Body Shop Insta-Blur Eye All-In-One Tinted Concealer+Primer Colour Intensifier Review And Swatches!

ISLM Writer: Nimisha

"Concealer is the secret of the universe"- Bobbi Brown

Well as true as it sounds, I actually agree to Bobbi on this one. So apt na!
Coming to today's product review, I am reviewing the Body Shop Insta Blur Eye All-in-one Tinted Concealer + Primer Colour Intensifier.

This tiny beauty claims to "work to conceal under eye dark circles, neutralise redness on the eyelid and enhance the vibrancy of eye shadow colour. The yellow tint works to neutralise the appearance of dark circles and redness on the eye lid and helps the eyes look less tired and more refreshed. Use under your eyeshadow to prolong its wear and enhance the colour vibrancy."

Retailing at Rs.1095 currently, this primer comes in a white tube packaging with nozzle to dispense the product.

As for the consistency, it is more of a mousse to powder finish formulation. I do love the sleek packaging but for the consistency of the primer which appears to be pretty dry, oh my, does it spread effortlessly.

This is definitely not a moisturising product and does nothing for hydrating the under eye area. This little marvel does contain Silica, thus, does a fine job of filling the fine lines around the eye area and prevents creasing.

When this description mentioned colour intensifier, it was immensely intrigued by the very mention since I wanted something that will make my eye shadow colours pop (not par se, but still I wanted something that will show up the true colour of eyeshadows on my lids). And well, it graciously pops eyeshadow that I apply; be it lights or darks.

Though the claim for covering under eye dark circles, is a big nah. It does absolutely nothing from them. So, hello concealers and correctors for those of us who have panda eyes. :P Since the primer has a yellow tint to it, it does not cancel any of the under-eye discolouration. Most of the Indian skin tones do not really have much redness around the eye area, and thus we need something more peach toned for cancelling the browns and blues and purples around our lids.

1) Love the travel friendly packaging.
2) The formulation is extremely soft mousse like and glides effortlessly.
3) Aids in imparting the true colours of the eyeshadows.

1) Nothing for the cancelling of eye area discolouration.

4/5 (-1 for the tinted concealer claim). But I would definitely be repurchasing this tiny doll considering the dearth of decent eye primer in the Indian market and the ones that are available are pretty pricey compared to this.


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