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Prep Yourself for Holi: Pre-Holi Care

Prep Yourself for Holi: Pre-Holi Care

The beautiful festival of colours is just around the corner and preparations in all Indian homes must be in full swing. From frying yummy gujias or karanjis to buying pichkaris and gulaal we are all preparing for it in our own little but special ways, isn't it? Some of us are even traveling to be with our loved ones and I know that even though Diwali sometimes tends to eclipse Holi, Holi does hold a special place in all our hearts...

It symbolises being with loved ones, having a time of our lives and bringing out the children in us. In all that fun and frolic, it is very easy to lose sight of other equally important things like specially caring for our skin, hair and health.
So through this post I take the opportunity to share with you all the measures that I take so that my skin enjoys this colourful festival as much as my heart does and even the day after Holi, my skin and hair look as gorgeous as they did before Holi *ahem* (modest much!)...


Pre-Holi Skincare

Probably the most important aspect of prepping yourself for Holi is taking care of your skin cause even though Holi is fun and that the moments spent with friends and family frolicking in the sun, with colors and water (not always clean or organic), the damage it could do to our skin is irreversible and permanent.

Start The Night Before

Contrary to popular belief, skincare pre-holi does not only consists of the preparations that you do on the D-day but if truth be told, it should start the night before...
What I personally do is take a nice long warm bath and exfoliate my skin. This helps scrubbing away the dead skin as well as makes my skin squeaky clean. You could exfoliate using bath gloves (thats my daily thing to do) or else since its a special occasion you should whip our your favourite Body Scrub and pamper yourself a little.
My current favourite Body Scrub is the StudioWest Radiance Honey & Strawberry Exfoliating Body Scrub. Studio West has it in other fragrances and flavours too that include Calming Lavender, Romantic Rose, Delicate Jasmine and Almond & Peach.

Once your skin is fresh and new and clean, you need to hydrate it. When I say hydrate your skin, I do not mean moisturise and hence avoid a moisturiser, rather pick up a body lotion or better still a body butter and slather it on thickly. This will not only soften your skin and make it supple, it will also relax it and have it ready to face the sun and the colors the next day...
I would suggest using the StudioWest Radiance Almond & Peach Nourishing Body Butter for dry skin and AloeVera & Green Apple Body Butter for Oily skin.

The Holi Day

The day of Holi is exciting. I remember, during my childhood, my mum had a tough time getting my sister and me out of bed on school days but on Holi days we used to be the ones to up before everyone else... It was exciting, it was a happy time and it meant that we were allowed to get dirty as much as we wanted to :)
Now that I am grown up, my first concern when I wake up in the morning is to have plates with sweets and bottles of cold beverage ready for the guests. Next I start sealing up bedrooms so that even if our friends decided to bring the festival of colors inside our home we'd be ready for them with a limited area :P
And then I ready myself for the onslaught of whatever my friends decide to put on my skin :)
I generally skip taking a shower before playing holi, cause we'd have to take one after anyway... So I just start with cleansing my face, neck and arms. For this I use a either use a bar of soap or face wash like the StudioWest Bathing Bars and Face Washes. My favourite is the Delicate Jasmine Face Wash.

Next I moisturise. Moisturising is important at this point because it helps create a barrier between the skin and the external factors like well color, water and other aspects that could be harmful.
A lot of people advise using oils but I don't. My skin tends to get burnt when I apply oil and go out in the sun. Hence I prefer using Body Butters, Body Lotions and Moisturisers.
You might want to give the StudioWest AloeVera & Green Apple Body Lotion a shot or go with my favourite Honey & Strawberry Body Butter by StudioWest.

Finally, just spritz on a yummy deodorant and you are ready to face the world, after all Holi is a contact sport festival and your crush could be there too, colors or no colors :)

Pre-Holi Haircare

Just like for the skin the hair needs to taken care off and thankfully its an easier task :)
I take care to *not* wash my hair before Holi and just let the natural oils sit where they sit on my head. Additionally, I do apply a lot of Coconut oil so that it creates a barrier between my hair or scalp and other external factors, like we did for the skin.
If not Coconut oil, I would suggest going for Almond Oil but stay away from Mustard oil cause it is "hot" and may make you feel uncomfortable or even ill when in the sun for long.

Pre-Holi Nailcare

Everything on one side and post-holi nails on one side, I just hate them. I hate it when my nails have uneven, dirty combination of colors seeped into them. It takes forever to grow them out and in the meantime its a nightmare to go anywhere without a coat of polish to hide it. And hence it is important to indulge in some pre-Holi nail care :)
It is super easy... All you gotta do is apply generous coats of nail polish on your nails and if you are the finicky kinds (like me!) you may want to apply polish on the underside of your nails as well :)

So that's it my darlings... Follow the steps above and you are guaranteed to enjoy Holi not just while you are playing it but also on the day after :)
If you have any other tips or tricks that you would like to share, do share them via the comment section below. I am looking forward to hearing newer ideas :)


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