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Prep Your Skin for the Summers

4 Ways to Prepare Your Skin for the Summer

Preparations for summer typically mean scheduling vacations, hitting the gym to trim down and tighten up, and purchasing the trendiest bathing suit to flatter your body type. Sure, these are all great ways to prepare for a fun-filled summer, but we mustn’t forget about the importance of gorgeous skin. There’s something about smooth, glowing, sexy-looking skin that makes anything you put on in the summer look so much better.

Below are four things you should start doing:

1. Scrub Away the Old

Did you know that underneath your outer layer of skin cells, there is beautiful skin waiting to be exposed? Washing and rinsing is simply not enough to get the dead skin cells, dirt, and debris off your skin. However, utilizing exfoliating products could do the trick. You’ll need to exfoliate with care so that you don’t harm the skin. Invest in good scrubs, polishing cloths, or brushes to get the job done.

2. Hair Removal

If you're planning on sitting poolside at a hotel or strolling the boardwalk with some short cutoffs, you’re going to need to remove that unwanted hair. No matter what your hair removal process is, you must be careful to treat the skin properly to avoid irritation. Irritation could show in the form of hair bumps, scratches, and cuts. Many women like hot wax hair removal because it gets all the “stragglers” and often leaves the skin smoother for a longer period of time. To reduce irritation after waxing, it is a good idea to refrain from staying out in the sun for long periods of time as the follicles are sensitive to heat.

3. Eat the Right Foods to Fight Potential UV Ray Damage

Part of having flawless skin for the summer will depend on the types of foods you’re eating. You can actually improve the health of your skin and protect it from damaging elements of the weather by choosing specific types of food. Tomatoes, for instance, are a great food to help ward off the damaging UV rays. Cooked tomatoes are high in antioxidants that fight the effects of the sun. Eating tomatoes daily will help to reduce any blistering, redness, or swelling that may result from sunburn.

4. Treat the Imperfections

If you’re going to show off your skin this year, you’re probably going to want to get rid of those unsightly imperfections. From acne to cellulite and moles, there are a lot of things that we’d simply like to correct about our skin. While there are certainly plenty of products on the market you can try using, there are a few things you want to keep in mind:
Before you purchase any products it is best to speak with a dermatologist. They can assist you in diagnosing skin issues and help you in determining your skin type so that you purchase products that will actually work best for your skin.

Purchase all natural products to reduce the amount of chemicals you’re applying to the skin.
When you find a product, stick to it for a while to see if it will work. Switching from one product to the next without a grace period can actually be counterproductive.

Who needs expensive treatments to feel comfortable in the skin they’re in? By taking the proper precautions now to heal and protect your skin, you’ll be ready to look your best this summer. Remember, if you have serious skin problems it is best to speak with a dermatologist to receive a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.


  1. Informative post :) thank you so much for reminding me about summer prepration.


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