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Post Holi Skincare

Post Holi Skincare

As I sit here all cleaned up, drinking a chilled glass of Iced tea, with the pati ranting about how people nowadays do not play Holi with passion and vigour anymore and a soft, lilting music plays in the background of Scottish bagpipes, I cannot help but lament about my skin... After a whole day of playing Holi in the scorching sun and colors that I am pretty sure weren't organic my skin has a subdued burning sensation especially on my face and arms...
And my back itches...

So I decided to do a post-Holi skincare post...
If you haven't yet gone though my pre-Holi skincare post, you might want to do so now, for you know future reference :)

Now, by rights, I should have had a post-Holi skincare article up before today so that it could be used as a reference for today immediately after playing Holi... But you see when I say post-Holi skincare, I don't really mean "immediately" after Holi, I mean the few days after cause they are as important...

Our skin is sensitive to a lot of external factors and the sun and chemical colors are probably the most harmful of the lot and hence simply washing away colors and scrubbing yourself clean isn't enough...
So here are a little pointers that you might want to keep in mind that will help your skin recover from jolt that it may have witnessed today:

1. Say No To Exfoliation

This should be a no-brainer really but a lot of people are guilty of this crime. I used to be too and then I realised that our skin has already gone through a lot and then us subjecting to some harsh exfoliation and scrubbing can be like a cherry on the cake and not in a good way. Instead we should make it a point to go slow and let our skin feel cared for once again...
Say no to Body Scrubs and Bath Gloves.

2. Do Not Try To Remove Color At One Go

Do not scrub. Even if there is some stubborn color lingering in various nooks and crannies of our bodies, don't try to scrub and rub and remove it all at one go... If the color wants time, give it some time... There is no point in playing a tug of war where your skin s concerned. Try applying a little makeup remover or cleansing milk or even coconut oil and if even they don't help then let it... Be patient and try again the next time you take a shower... The color will fade away eventually.

3. Use Mild Cleansers

Chemically harsh soaps and cleansers are a complete no-no... Your skin has already had an overdose of chemicals and so you wouldn't want to expose it to more of them... Instead use a mild body wash that is not only soothing but also pampering. I recommend the StudioWest Body Wash in Romantic Rose. Another good alternative is the StudioWest Body Wash in Calming Lavender.
Avoid using a loofah and instead use your hands.

If there still is some color left after your bath, follow up the bath with washing your face, neck and ears area after a couple of hours with some mild face washes. My favourite ones are StudioWest Face Washes in Delicate Jasmine and Almond & Peach.

4. Hydrate & Moisturise 

I cannot stress enough on how important this particular step is... Both Hydration and Moisturisation is what your skin requires at this point. Your skin's been stripped off all essential and natural oils and this is the time when it is prone to permanent damages that aging brings with it... Your skin's again isn't directly proportional to your body's age, it is more determined by the moisture levels in your skin and trust me hydration is your best friend to combat skin aging...

I generally go for some really relaxing Body Butter like StudioWest Nourishing Body Butter in Calming Lavender and Delicate Jasmine.

5. Repeat The Above for 3 Days

Skincare is not only a slow process it also is repetitive and I would suggest repeating the above rituals for as long as you can. But if you are the kinds that don't have too much time on your hands, I'd suggest you to pamper your skin at least for 3 days straight. By then it would have regained its original health...

I hope you find the tips and pointers in this post helpful. I am looking forward to hearing your feedback.

I hope you guys had a wonderful Holi...


  1. I've done the mistake of using scrubs and ended up with red sensitive face. Nice post.


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