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Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pops Review and Swatches!

Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pops Review and Swatches!

ISLM Writer: Ishleen

Hello lovelies!
How is everyone doing? Winters are finally taking a back seat, and even Samyukta is about to declare the end of fall here on ISLM! Yes, yes, that was a little teaser for all you guys! Anyhow, summers or winters, if there is one quintessential product which a girl needs all around the year--it is the very basic yet utterly important Lip balms! You know how everyone claims about the skin on the lips being 10 times thinner than the facial skin and stuff, yes that shizz is true and this should be a disclaimer enough for al you pretty ladies to stock up on some! After all, dry, parched and flaky lips are never a good sight!

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear lip balms? Maybelline Baby Lips is what strikes me bang on in the face--and when maybelline launched its Electro Pop range, I knew I was in for a treat! So I know most probably I am the last person on this planet to do a post on these babies but I wanted to do a combined review and used almost two tubes of each shade before penning down my final thoughts! So here we go with the review of my favourite shades from the Electro Pop Range!

Price and Quantity

INR 165 for 3.5 grams of product


Unlike the typical Baby lips lip balms, Electro pops come packaged in see-through plastic tubes with black bullets and color coded ends! The tubes are very pretty, funky, neonish and so pretty to look at! But there are a couple of downsiders! First, the plastic caps seem to be of not so good quality! And secondly, the bullet lingers out of the case quite an inch and it may snip if not used with care! I mean I destroyed my first tube of this precious baby while trying to shut it off!


Remember how balmy all of the baby lips lip balms are in texture, well if you are tired of those heavy balmy textures, you'll end up loving Electro Pops! They are the lightest tinted lip balms i have ever born, are buttery indeed, but not heavy or balmy, or waxy if I may put it more precisely! They are much softer and lighter in texture than the conventional baby lips and I love them for this very aspect.


Shade is the only aspect of the baby lips which makes each shade different from the other! I have used all four variants of the range--namely Fierce and Tangy, Oh! Orange!, Berry Bomb and Pink Shock which are yellow, orange, purple and pink respectively; with the yellow one being the sheerest and the pink being the most pigmented of the lot.

Oh! Orange!

So oh! orange! is a particularly sweet orange candy like smelling lip balm which gives a nice orangish-coral flush to the lips when layered a couple of times! Remember your childhood orange candies which were actually shaped like orange slices, yes, it smells exactly the same and is a treat to use! Though not the most pigmented but looks really natural for the day time looks!

Berry Bomb

One of my favourite shades from the lot, berry bomb is a nice, decently tinted purple lip balm which looks too purple in the bullet but gives a nice berry tinge to the lips! A very pretty shade if you are just starting to love your purple lipsticks!

Pink Shock

Okay, let me accept the fact that every time I look at this baby I under go a major drool-attack! If you ask me my favourite lip balm of all times, it has to be the shade Pink Shock hands down! Extremely pigmented for a glossy lip balm, it can be literally translated as a sheer hot pink lipstick if I may say so! The colour, pigmentation and application scores it a perfect 10 on 10.


  1. Affordable
  2. Easily available
  3. Quirky and cute packaging
  4. Pretty Shades
  5. Very hydrating
  6. Light in texture
  7. Does  not feel excessively balmy or waxy
  8. The pigmented shades like berry bomb and pink shock leave behind stained lips which are really pretty


  1. The packaging is a bit flimsy
  2. The texture is so buttery that it might melt in the heat
  3. The 8 hour moisturisation claim is a total knock-off!

Overall Rating


  1. These look so cute. I love Baby lips lip balm. I've got to try this out as well.


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