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5 Makeup Hacks For Rushed Monday Mornings!

5 Makeup Hacks For Rushed Monday Mornings!

ISLM Writer: Ishleen

Hello Darlings!
If I ask you about one thing which you hate, what would it be? If you ask me, I know what to say--I hate mornings! And more than mornings, I hate monday mornings! And why should I not? All those lazy weekend moments have left me craving for that last hit of snooze button! And the hideous monday mornings comes as a prick which bursts my weekend fantasies, and as a result I am in no mood to wake up early or go to college! But priorities, and you need to get them straight in life! So when after the 10th snooze, I finally wake up, I wake up to the shock that I am not left with ample time to get ready! And those are the moments when the below stated 5 makeup hacks are what I swear by! 

1. Partied till late last night? You sure would have puffy eyes in the morning. And they are so not appealing. Most of us tend to apply a concealer on the entire under eye area. But the trick to hide under eye bags is to highlight the under eye crease with a lighter shade of foundation or a non-shimmery highlighter; and apply a darker shade of foundation on the actual puffy area. And by darker shade I definitely do not mean a very dark shade, just a tone darker than your actual skin colour as lighter shades attract attention, and we sure do not want any attention on our puffy bags.

2. We have always heard people on internet swear by using white eyeliner on the water line for a more awake look. But let’s be honest, white eyeliner is good only for the girls with really pale skin. For Indian skin tones, we should use a flesh toned or a pale-pink, matte pencil on our waterline for that bright doe-eye look. It would make your eyes look bigger and you'll definitely look much more awake and fresh than before.

3. Talking of wide looking eyes, lashes are not to be ignored! To achieve a fuller plumage, use two different types of mascaras. Stylists explain that none of the mascara alone can give you all the desired results. So try mixing more than one mascaras, say one for volume, one for lengthening and the other for curling. Wait for a few minutes in between each coat of mascara, so as to let the mascara dry entirely. Before applying the second coat of mascara, use a small brush to dust on some baby powder, or your regular pressed powder on to the lashes. This makes the lashes look plumper and lush.

4. So you know you are running late on a rushed morning, still you crave the perfect flicked eyeliner? No problem, the heart should get what it wants. Draw on that flick girl and after completing your eyeliner routine, just take a dampened Q-tip, dipped in your favorite make-up remover, and clean the rough edges as well as the unevenness of the flick. Crisp af!

5. Go for a bright shade of lipstick instead of a nude or lighter one as it would make the look more pulled together and you, ready to take on the world! Nude lipsticks need a full face of makeup in order to look appealing and sophisticated, whereas on the other hand, a bright and bold lip can uplift the entire look without much effort and even make your skin look brighter. Score!

So which of these hacks do you use on your rushed mornings?


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