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L'Oreal La Vie En Rose Moist Matte Lipstick Liya's Delicate Rose Review And Swatches!

L'Oreal La Vie En Rose Moist Matte Lipstick Liya's Delicate Rose Review And Swatches!

ISLM Writer: Nimisha

After the humungous success of the 'Pure Reds' collection,  L’Oreal Paris had come out with the 'Exclusive Pinks'. Having already heard about their launch in the international markets, I was waiting with crossed fingers for their launch in India. So, the other day when I was shopping around with one of friend's, I insisted on finally getting my hands on them at the L’Oreal Paris counter to finally check it out.

The shade that I purchased is 'Liya's Delicate Rose'.

It retails at Rs. 995 for a bullet.

Being from the Color Riche staple, it bares trademark features of the collection. It comes in a matte black coloured packaging similar to the golden packaging of the Color Riche lipsticks. The fragrance also reminds you of the same. As for the formula, the lipstick has a stunning velvety texture and gives more of a satin finish plus it does not settle in the fine lines.

Coming to the colour, as soon as I opened the bullet, the first thing that came to my mind was MAC All Fired Up. In the bullet, it seems more like a gorgeous hot pink.

The extremely fine micro-shimmers attribute to the glow in the colour and add more dimension to it and on application on the lips it gives a more reddish pink payoff (though I can credit that to my pigmented lips :P). Though I still like the colour :)

Though I wouldn't say that the lipstick gives a truly opaque finish in just one stride and you might need to give a swipe or two to get the full coverage as well as the true color. The staying power is pretty good (4-5 hours with light munching), and it fades evenly leaving behind a uniform stain.

I wouldn't say I was immensely thrilled by the shades in the collection; considering that the shades would be much suited for girls/women with fair to medium fair complexion, giving the average Indian women fewer options in the collection.

• The texture is wonderful, extremely comfortable. It does not dry out the lips.
• Decent staying power with uniform fading.
• The shade is extremely pretty.

• Fragrance may be a put off for some individuals.
• Slightly pricey.
• The shades in the collection aren't as diverse as the predecessors, Pure Reds.
• The colour in the bullet doesn't exactly transfer on the lips; it's more on a sheer note.

A must try shade since it has red undertones and will suit most fair to medium toned damsels. I am sure you will love wearing this baby.



  1. You look pretty and shade looks nice on you.
    This range has pretty shade, but still I am not wowed by these as Reds :)

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    1. Yes, indeed the pinks are really pretty but they stand no where in comparison to the star reds collection!

    2. Oh thanks, Swathi! I absolutely second you about not being wowed enough.

      But still I think this shade will go for Indian damsels. 😊


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