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Top 10 Bronzers for Indian Skintone

Top 10 Bronzers for Indian Skintone

ISLM Writer: Sanchita

Contouring trend has spread like wildfire and everyone is going to find their favourite set of contouring tools. Speaking of Indian beauties, we have naturally warm toned skin but after the base makeup we surely need a little warming up to get that perfect warm and natural look. It also enhances the features by making the face look more chiselled and sculpted. Bronzers are available in various formulas and finish in India. You can get liquids, cake or even in powder formulaes and for finish, both matte and shimmery are available. It has to be applied on the forehead, below the cheeks, jawline etc. The beauty of bronzers is in blending so that it looks as natural as possible. To blend flawlessly, you have to choose the product properly according to your skin type.

How To Apply Bronzer

1. All of us have different skin complexions and hence, while choosing a bronzer or bronzer palette, keep in mind the colour. You have to choose a colour which is two shades darker than your skin colour.
2. Make a ‘3’ on both sides of the face (on the hollows of the cheekbones). Then, keeping blending until you see no harsh lines.


Don’t load too much product on the applicator (brush, sponge, etc.) and slowly build up the way you want.
So, let’s see the best options for bronzer available in India in various stores across the country and also on e-commerce sites.

1. The Balm Bahama Mama Bronzer

(Approx. 1800 INR)
The Balm bahama mama bronzer is a wonderful option as a bronzer as it glides flawlessly on the skin, quite forgiving even if you have built up a lot and works for every skin type. It is a warn brown with grayish undertones that makes it perfect for any complexion. The shade has received an enormous acceptance from various beauty bloggers and it provides the perfect natural finish with a sun kissed look. It sits well on skin and stays around 6 hours on oily skin.

2. Lakme Absolute Sun-Kissed Bronzer

600 INR
Our very own Lakme has ‘Sun-Kissed Bronzer’ which has been released long back. This is one of the best bridal makeup item in the budget list. The shade is a copper-bronzer duo chrome sort of with a luminous glow! It gives that warm touch with a sheen finish and blends like wow! It is also enriched in Vitamin E. this is might not be a great choice for daily wear due to the obvious presence of sheen but it is a must have for weddings, parties, festival, etc.

3. The Body Shop Blush on Bronzer

(approx. 1400 INR)
Okay, TBS might be famous for those luxurious body butters but some of their makeup products are bang on! One of them is the Blush on Bronze – which are pearls. These are warm, has a light sheeny glow, can be used as bronzers or glowy blush as well, pigmented and blends very easily. It is true you will investing more than 1k but surely, the product will last you lie forever.

4. Physicians Formula Bronze Booster Airbrushing Bronzing Veil

(approx.3400 INR)
This baby is dripping gorgeous from everywhere. The medium to dark shade is best suited for Indian skin tones and it has the best coppery luminous touch. However, it is so natural and beautiful that you won’t mind wearing it every as well. With warm dewy is the new trend, the bronzer fits perfectly to dewy-glowy makeup description. In addition to, it has a glorious packaging that will make you weak on your knees.

5. MAC Bronzing Powder – Matte Bronze

(Approx. 1800 INR)
MAC products are always on point and the collection is so good that calling it ‘huge’ will be underrated. The matte bronzing powder is perfect for day to day occasion to achieve that smoldering sculpted look. It comes in 4 shades (without any strong undertones) which will cater the needs of various complexions easily. The smooth texture is something you will love and it never accentuates on pores, fine lines or dry patches.

6. Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder

(Approx. 3000 INR)
With an impressive staying power of around 10 hours, availability of 8 shades – it is the first bronzing powder of Guerlain. Many bloggers sworn by this one and gives its features, I couldn’t agree more. It has fine milled smooth texture that doesn’t get patchy or uneven if you’re a beginner and blends like anything. It gives a velvet finish with a mild luminosity to the skin and the chiselled look. Although it is a big investment, but totally worth it!

7. NARS Laguna Bronzing Powder

(Approx. 4000 INR)
If you ever start your bronzing journey with this beauty, make my words, you are never going to touch any other bronzer ever! The Queen of all Bronzers and the effect on skin is literally incredible! It has some most minuscule shimmery particles that is responsible for giving you that glow along with the warm sun kissed tan look. It is best suited for light-medium skin tones and look au natural touch.

8. Makeup Revolution Ultra Bronze

1000 INR
This is considered one of the best budget friendly bronzer in the matte section. It has a soft texture which easy to blend and doesn’t look cakey or uneven, even if you are using flash photography. It has more of a natural look and hence beginners can really make it work effortlessly. It has good pigmentation and great for an everyday look as well.

9. Clinique True Bronze Pressed Powder Bronzer

(Approx. 2100 INR)
This is a brand I can trust with my eyes closed. This Clinique True Bronze Pressed Powder Bronzer has mild shimmer that imparts a glow to the skin and also act as a great contouring powder for cheeks. The bronzer glides onto the skin well and perfect for the day-time soft look you are looking for. It comes with its own brush and perfect for the ‘touch-ups on the go’.

10. Shiseido Oil Free Bronzer

(Approx. 2500 INR)
Oily skin is hard to deal with especially the kind of humid climate India has. The oil secretion can melt down the makeup in no time and hence, oil free products are best suited for these difficult times. Now, Shiseido Oil Free Bronzer provides that faint sheen sun-kissed tan to the skin and gives the exquisite look. It is easy to blend because of the soft texture and stays for a long time on the skin.

So, here’s the list of bronzer and do let me know what is your go-to bronzer for every day.


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