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The Ultimate Guide to Lip Gloss Application—Tips and Tricks!

The Ultimate Guide to Lip Gloss Application—Tips and Tricks!

ISLM Writer: Ishleen

Lip gloss is a staple for every make-up bag; from 18 to 80, every woman can and should wear it. Lip gloss adds a luscious shine to your beautiful pucker, and I am sure each one of us craves for shiny lips which look plumper. Yes, lip gloss does give the illusion of Plumper and FULLER lips without the actual usage of painful fillers. (Well, that’s an entirely different story).

Lip gloss is one single product in our make-up bag which if applied properly, can take your look from drab to fab with just a few decent strokes. Lip glosses come in a wide-range of variety, from slick and glassy, to pigmented and shimmery; all giving different performances but with the same end-result of making you look fantabulous. Surely no one likes goopy slab of gloss slathered on your lips, so here we have a few intelligent tips and tricks to apply your gloss with professional experience.

1. No lip product application should start without prepping your lips. Try and scrub your lips with a light textured lip scrub or try using a homemade scrub by mixing equal parts of brown sugar and olive or almond oil.

2. A relatively easier way to scrub off chapped and dead skin from your lips is to use your old toothbrush to do so. Apply a thick layer of Vaseline jelly on your lips, let it stray for 2 minutes and rub your lips with a toothbrush moistened with tepid water.
If the idea of vigorous scrubbing does not please you, try slathering your lips with a thick layer of moisturizer, let it get absorbed and wipe it off with a tissue. This will instantly help remove chapped skin from your lips, making your lips ready for further steps.

3. Never ever forget to moisturise your lips with a good quality, colourless lip balm. You can go for a tinted version of lip balm if you want a diffused pop of colour for your lips.

4. Now comes the time to prime your lips. Either, you purchase a primer portion specifically meant for your pucker and burn a hole in your pocket, or follow this simple tip. Take your favourite tube of concealer and dab it oh-so-lightly and evenly on your lips and wait for it to set. Primed lips without having to splurge.

5. Now comes the fun part, chose the type of gloss you want to use. A gloss with a sheer colour but glassy finish or a more pigmented gloss with little or no shine.

TIP If you are going for a day time look, opt for more sheer glosses which tilt towards nude looks. Pinks and warm mauves which are a shade lighter or darker than your original lip colour work best.
You can chose dark and highly pigmented glosses to complement night look. Pair red and maroon coloured glosses with sultry smokey eyes for the maximum effect.
6. You can directly apply your favourite gloss over your moisturised lips but not with the typical left to right movements of the wand. Instead dab your gloss at the centre of the bottom lip and drag the wand towards the ends of the lips. Rub both lips together and voila! No more goopy looking gloss, instead it gives even looking finish to your lips.
TIP Just like you would with any normal lipstick, take a thin piece of tissue and dab your lips with it to remove any excess product and shine from your lips. No, it wouldn't completely fade off; instead it will let your gloss to last longer.

7. Instead of directly applying gloss to bare lips, you can also opt for glossy lips with a touch of colour. Firstly, line your lips with your favourite lip liner, starting from the centre and finishing at the corners with feathery-strokes. Then fill in the entire lips with the same lip-liner. Pack the colour with a thin dusting off your regular make-up powder. Now dab a clear gloss or a gloss in a similar shade to the lip liner, on your contoured lips. Purse your lips and you have the finished lips which look oh-so-adorable.
TIP Mix and match liner and gloss colours for more vibrant looks. No need to stick with matching colours.
TIP For fuller looking lips, try and line your lips just outside your natural lip line. And then dab your gloss just at the centre of your lower as well as upper lip; as this area reflects off the most light.
TIP Steer clear from dark colours of glosses if you have thin lips. Sheer pinks and bright corals would help making your lips plumper.
8. For a more bold and glossy lip, opt for lips contoured with lip liner, painted with a lipstick and topped off with a glossy gloss. After following the above step to line your lips, carefully chose a lipstick, either matte or a satin finish. Instead of unevenly applying it directly from the tube, take out a few extra moments and distribute the colour much more professionally and evenly with the help of a lip brush.

9. Top off your lipstick coated lips with a clear gloss for a shiny, luscious effect. But if you want to make your lipstick pop out more, top it off with a tinted gloss; a shade or two lighter or darker than your lipstick.
TIP Bright coloured glosses tend to bleed more than any average bold, matte lipstick. So try and outline the lips with a thin layer of concealer and blend, blend, blend. It will help control the feathering to quite some extent.
TIP Go for shimmery and sparkly glosses if you feel like it. No, they are no more restricted to 13-17 year old girlies. If worn appropriately, and with a toned down look, sparkly glosses can add a touch of elegance.
TIP Glosses are meant to give you a natural and less adorned look. But the big wands of the lip gloss tubes are not so apt for this look. Try using a smaller lip brush for much even application.
Girls, lip glosses are specifically created to add hints of colour to your lips, without making you look “made-up”. But the trick is to apply it cleanly at the contours of your lips. An uneven, careless application of lip gloss can completely degrade the wished-for impression by blurring the natural shape of your lips and making them look oily. Be patient, be beautiful.


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