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REVIEW: Ponds Age Miracle Firm and Lift Eye Cream

Ponds Age Miracle Firm and Lift Eye Cream - Review

So there's an annual function at my new workplace and I decided to take part in the fashion show that a few employees are putting up... Its exciting plus I kinda feel like am back in college, if you know what I mean... Strutting your stuff on the ramp in 4 inches heels, feeling on top of the world while the world looks on... Who doesn't like that?

Well... I don't... I am shit scared...

I am having these various scenarios run in my head where I either slip and fall in front of everyone or I end up forgetting the choreography and just messing the whole thing up or even worse if I have a wardrobe malfunction :/ As a result I thought about withdrawing my name from participation... But well... I decided to simply tough it out...

So yeah the fashion show is on for next Saturday ;)

In other news, I have found my Holy Grail Eye Cream... Finally... Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for Ponds Age Miracle Firm and Lift Eye Contour Lifter...

I had been looking for a good eye cream since a while now and I have gone through The Body Shop eye creams like nobody's business... Some were good while some were downright useless but honestly I never thought I would end up falling for a Ponds eye cream and even prefer it over anything else... But well Ponds proved to me that I should stop being partial towards my favourite skincare brand and keep my eyes open for other skincare brands as well :)

Price of Ponds Age Miracle Firm and Lift Eye Cream

It costs INR 899/-

The Ponds Age Miracle Firm and Lift Eye Cream comes in a sleek, silver, plastic tube with a deep red screw-on cap. It has a steel, slanted applicator that is easy to use, manoeuvre and imparts a cooling feeling. Texture wise the eye cream is well creamy (:P) and feels light. It does not have a very strong fragrance and gets absorbed real quick, which is a good thing cause it means I don't have to wait long to apply my face cream :)
It does not burn or create a milky film if it gets into one's eyes.

Now coming to the part about how well it works... Well it promises to lift the skin around the eyes and also help with the firmness of the skin... And it does exactly that... It has been exactly 3 weeks since I have using it and the skin around my eyes looks revived. Its plumper, smoother and my fine lines have literally disappeared.

I love the product and I am glad I came across it...

Overall Rating:

This has become my Holy Grail eye cream and for the price it really is a steal. I would whole-heartedly recommend the Ponds Age Miracle Firm and Lift Eye Cream.


  1. I have too bought this yesterday, hope it works for me too :)
    Nicely Reviewed!

  2. This might work for me. Let me check of I can get this on good deal :D

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  3. This looks like a nice product. I am always on look out for under eye creams, currently I am using Kaya Brightening and lifting serum. Might try this one next.
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  4. The moment i saw 900 bucks, i was like i could add 500 more and get a mac relentlessly red! 😝😝😝
    But nevertheless, a lipstick cant replace a good eye cream! And babe, i love the way you have put this review up! So catchy and so informative! 😘😘


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