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Maybelline Colossal Kohl In Jewelled Jade Review and Swatches!

Maybelline Colossal Kohl In Jewelled Jade Review and Swatches!

ISLM Writer: Ishleen

Hello munchkins!
I hope everyone is doing great! I mean with the chilly weather sinking and the pleasanter weather kicking in, everything seems so much better already! I mean even my love hate relationship with kohls and kajal pencils also have taken such a nice turn! Generally my cream kohls smudge all over and yes, I hate my eyes to look raccoon like! But finally I have come across a drugstore kohl pencil, which actually works on my super oily eyes!

 What Maybelline claims?

Maybelline Colossal Kohl Kajal enhances the appearance of your eyes.
o Infused with nourishing ingredients and vitamin E, this kajal gives soothing effect to your eyes.
o Smooth texture of the kajal glides effortlessly onto eyes.
o Color stays for minimum 12 hours without fading.
o It features a unique tip which makes application easy and comfortable.

Price and packaging

Retailing for 250 bucks for 0.35 grams of product, the Maybelline colossal kohl in jewelled jade comes in the conventional yellow colossal packaging with colour coded font on the tube, in this case the font is a shiny tone of turquoise! The lid shuts down tightly so it is totally travel safe and would not open up in your bag! Over all a nice, sturdy tube which is really fun to look at!

Shade and Texture

The pencil is a really gorgeous shade of turquoise with just a hint of sheen to it! I have heard people calling this shade a nice bluish-green and a weird greenish-blue with shimmer, but no, there ain’t any shimmers, just a nice soft sheen! One thing I love about the kohl, aart from the gorgeous peacock blue colour that is, is the formulation of the pencil! I mean the texture of the pencil is waxy rather than creamy! It is smooth enough to glide on easily but firm enough to not to break apart easily! And maybe it is this firm texture of the pencil which makes it such a must have pencil for the oily skinned damsels!


One word for the coloured pigments in this colossal kohl from Maybelline is, perfection! Like literally! I mean I have seldom seen coloured pencils that actually are so pigmented that they hardly need any more than two swipes to show up as a full blown colour on the eyes! So as far as pigmentation goes, this kohl pencil gets a 10 on 10!

Staying Power

For a drugstore kajal pencil which retails for just 250 bucks, this kohl stays on pretty darn good! I mean even my 900-1000 bucks worth kajals do not stay put on my super oily under eye area, but this one does stay! I have worn it both in broad sun light and even in cooler evenings, and obviously the evening look wore better and for longer, but even under the sun it did not melt off for a good 6 hours and started smudging just a teensy bit after 6 hours! But even after 8 hours of wear, the kajal had not completely disappeared and was quite visibly there on my eyes!

Final Recommendation

Do you even need me to put down my final say? Girls, pick up your lazy bums and go buy this!




  1. Lovely EOTD girl! Such a beautiful shade! I love blues for eyes <3

    My recent post: My Everyday Essential Makeup Brushes !!

    1. Thankyou so much anurima! Blues especially flatter brown eyes na?

  2. I have the shade Crushed Emerald and haven;t tried this as I found this to be quite close to Maybelline Turquoise. Nicely reviewed Ishleen <3

    1. From what i know crushed emerald is a really pretty, shimmery kind of green na! It is on my lust-list already! And thankyou darling! :*

  3. That's a very pretty blue shade. But for some reason I feel that blue doesn't suit me. Going to check this out and hope the kohl looks nice on me.

    1. I believe this particular bluish-green to be universally flattering! Do try it babe! :)


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