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Discovering the Real Gift for the Real Man!

Discovering the Real Gift for the Real Man!

Be it festivals, or the wedding season, inaugurations or farewells, promotions or retirements, if there is one thing which remains constant is love, feelings and of course the very idea of gifting! Gifting does not only have to showcase the fortune you have spent over it, but it also has to have a sense of personality and uniqueness which speaks about you and your relationships! Especially when on the receiving end are the real people, the people who mean the world to you! Gifting ideas for women has never been much of a query, but finding just the right pick for the Men in your life can be difficult at times! And here is where the specially curated Scotch Whiskey Collection comes in handy, and wavers light over the dark path of Gifts for Men

We all know the struggle of floundering around in heaps of shirts, ties, watches, perfumes, wallets and what not; and never once have we been satisfied with the options we get to chose from! But one look at the real deal—the Scotch Whiskey Collection—which has a range of fine blends of Scotch Whiskey from VAT 69, Black & White and Black Dog –and you know what is it that you have wanted to gift him since eternity!

No, seriously! You are the woman who wears a classy Ruby Woo to woo everyone around; so isn’t it but obvious that you need a man as classy as yourself to match the aura—and what screams more sophistication than a man who loves his scotch; but at the same time drinks responsibly and with caution! Taking care of himself as well as the others around him! Yes, that is what a real man does!

Scotch as a gift is a great idea but choosing the right kind can always be a task! Whereas a bottle of VAT 69 has strong smoky, spicy yet fruity flavours to it, each sip of Black and White is smooth and filled with rather florally flavours! On the other hand, Black Dog is something which you would like to gift someone who has recently achieved something in life—be it small or big; Black and White is something which go for all occasions and tastes better when shared, or so as they say!

Dedicating the launch event to “solving the dilemma of gifting for men”, United Spirits Limited hosted an eventful evening in Mumbai with renowned names likes Lisa hayden, Chitrangada Singh, Shibani Dindekar and Nitesh Chhapru; showcasing the latest collection of their premium scotch whiskey blends, with each “Scotch Whiskey Collection” set having something for every mood and taste! And not to forget, with the Sotch Whiskey Collection was launched the easier way to get something for the classy men in your life.

Be it Lisa Haydon who believes The Scotch Whiskey Collection to be the ultimate give away for the men with class in your life, or Chitrangada Singh who believes that the Scotch Lover in her dad can never say no to a nice old bottle of VAT 69—even celebrities swear by it! And that is reason enough for us to believe in the fact that the Scotch Whiskey Collection is indeed the epitome of gifts for Men, unlike other rather flimsy or conventional gifts. It screams class, sophistication along with responsibility and valour—which is what a real man is made up of!


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