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10 Best Foundation Tips

10 Best Foundation Tips

ISLM Writer: Sanchita

Hello marshmallows!
Foundation is something which can either make you look like a drop-dead gorgeous diva or a simple white ghost with the base makeup ‘gone-horribly-wrong’. Firstly, shade plays an important role, which I am sure, you must heard a zillion times. However, if you get the undertone (yellow, peach, pink, neutral) right, there’s still a fading chance that you can make the foundation work with a lighter shade if you failed to get the right match. Application is something you have to learn a lot and foundation isn't something to be applied with fingers. So, as a person who has failed a numerous times while applying foundation, here are my top 10 tips on foundation application, which took me a lot of time to learn. Scroll down for more on the topic.

1. Moisturise and prime

Foundation works best on clean canvas and hence, make sure there isn't a trace of sweaty layer, dirt or grime is on the face. Wash off (best if you follow CTM) and apply a moisturiser according to you skin type (normal, oily, combination, dry). Let it sit on the skin for 3-5 mins and apply primer. Primer will enhance the foundation but if you do not have, try ice cubes before moisturization. Ice cubes are excellent for oily skin, however, dry skin shouldn't try it.

2. Highlighter

Yeah, you might be surprised to find highlighter in the second step, but now-a-days, it’s all about glowing skin. You wouldn't definitely prefer the extra shiny skin and hence apply the highlighter on the high points (cheeks bones, Cupid’s bow, brow bone, etc.). You either use a liquid or powder highlighter. Blend it well so that it doesn't spread all over and adhere to where you want. In this way, you will get a faux natural glow for daytime dewy look.

3. Little goes a long way

Foundation isn't moisturiser to apply in enormous amount and blend. So, plump out a little amount on the back of your hand and apply slowly with little amount. This will help you out to blend it easily and flawlessly. Once you apply too much product on the face itself, not only it will go waste but you will end up with a cakey and dreadful face.

4. Foundation without SPF

I know some people love foundation with SPF but for photography purposes, it is best to avoid that. This is because it leaves a whitish cast on the skin and collide with the natural look that your foundation should provide. Hence, if you’re going to click yourself, stay away from SPF foundations.

5. Brush and sponge

There are two kinds of people in this world – one who swears by brushes for foundation and others who swears by sponge (thanks to Beauty Blender!). if you ask me, I would say both. It is best to apply the product on the face with a brush that will spread the product evenly and without caking up from beginning. And then, you can blend all this in with a damp sponge. With damp sponge, you just can’t go wrong. You can also blend with a brush if you are comfortable with one. For beginners, I would say go for sponge to blend in.

6. Buffing and Blending

This is the HG tip.First, buff it onto the skin with a brush or flat portion of the sponge and then blend. It doesn’t matter if it takes 5 mins, 15mins or 50mins but, blend it well until and unless it looks like your skin. While blending you might notice it fading (depends upon the buildable factor of the foundation) then, layer it again and blend. If you won’t blend and let the product dry up on the skin you will surely notice it accentuating to fine lines, dry patches and caking. Once it is blended, it will look like a natural skin with a glowing flawless effect.

7. Oxidization

Oxidization of foundation takes place when the chemicals in it and the face oils (natural oil secretion) reacts with each other. And, weather plays a very important role in it. You can do three thing. Firstly, use a primer if a particular foundation oxidizes on the skin. Secondly, apply a barrier between sunscreen and foundation (Titanium dioxide and Zinc oxide) reacts a lot. And lastly, wear a shade lighter and blend well to prevent oxidisation.

8. Concealer

Concealer is meant to correct and hide the blemishes. It is best to use the concealer after foundation, for two reasons. Firstly, prevent creasing. Most concealers creases and hence it may affect the foundation. And secondly, to let you use the right amount. After foundation is applied, you would know exactly the amount you require to correct and saves you from applying too much or too little.

9. Powder

Ahan! The life saver for oily skin. However, powder to also to be used sparingly because you don’t want to look like a white powdery vampire. Apply to the T-zone only unless you want to take away the shine from anywhere else. Use a brush, and not a puff or sponge, and also use a light hand. Prefer using a loose powder which are more fine-milled as against the compact and saves you from the pain to caking.

10. Fixing spray

Use a fixing spray (as per your skin type) to set the whole makeup and make it long lasting. It will also take away the cake-ness (if any) and give your skin a natural glowing and flawless look. It also prevents the makeup to melt or slide down.


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