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Maybelline Fashion Eyebrow Shaper Pencil #BrowsOnFleek

Review: Maybelline Fashion Eyebrow Shaper Pencil

I HATE waking up early. I just abhor it... And I was having a wonderful time the past 4 years as the company I was working for let me reach work at noon everyday. Of course I left late in the evening so as to compensate (I don't shirk from work you see :P).
However, I have switched jobs now and my new workplace is pretty far from where I live. And if that wasn't enough, everyone at my new workplace is in early, like really early :/


I need to be at work by 9:30 am for which I have to leave home at 8:45 am. So I have to be up by 8:00 am at least and it is eating into my makeup time...
Yup! The time I need to do my makeup in the morning has reduced manifold. So  much so that sometimes I only get time to put on some kajal, a little blush and do my brows... Brows, yes... The thing is once you start filling in your brows, you cannot ever stop doing it :)

And hence today, I plan to review the eyebrow pencil that I am currently using... Ladies please put your hands together for Maybelline Fashion Eyebrow Shaper. Am I glad Maybelline came up with an eyebrow pencil? Finally an eyebrow pencil that's actually easily available in India!!!

Price of Maybelline Fashion Eyebrow Shaper Pencil

It costs INR 245/-

Shades Available:
Brown and Grey

The Maybelline Fashion Eyebrow Shaper is a dual ended tool, with an eyebrow pencil at one end and an eyebrow powder on the other. The pencil helps you "draw" hair and give your brows a proper shape and outline. The powder on the other hand "smudges" the harsh lines made by the pencil and makes your brows look more natural.

I use the shade Grey and it matches my brows to the T. Since eternity we have been told that one must use a brown pencil for our eyebrows instead of black and that's what many of us have been doing all this while. However, for a genuinely natural looking brow it is the shade Grey that works best for black eyebrows. It looks more natural than brown does... So that's a little trick you might want to work to your advantage :) If you have black hair then go for a Grey eyebrow pencil...

Coming back to the review, the pencil stays on for the whole day and can easily be removed using makeup remover or a face cleanser. They don't seem to cause any reactions on me and no they do not cause my eyebrow hair to fall off :P I just thought I'd put it out there... People have concerns you know ;)

I just wish there was a way to incorporate a spoolie brush in the pencil. It would have been just perfect then :)

They are easily available at all Maybelline counters and also on most online beauty stores.

Overall Rating:

Don't even think twice, get it!


  1. Would love to see a video on how you use this to do your brows! I have not got this coz I can't do my brows without an angular brush and a spoolie! You look as pretty as ever <3

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  2. Nice product, I definitely need to get my hands on this one. In my opinion, the shade to be used will depend a lot on the hair color and the undertones of the skin. So some might find brown working better for them, others grey. Please provide your inputs in case you think I am wrong.
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    1. Yes dear! Your opinion can not be totally justified as wrong, because it is not! :)
      But what samyukta meant to say, was that grey suits naturally black hair more as opposed to browns and taupes!
      Rest depends on skin tone, hair colour and also personal choices and preferences! :)

    2. Hey FlawedFabHappy! Totally agree with the shade depending on not only one's hair color but also one's undertones. However, majority of our Indian skintones have a similar undertone and grey would look more natural with black hair... But yes there are exceptions to the rule especially for people whose undertones deviate from the "traditional" undertone that we Indians seem to have...

  3. I have been using Colorbar Eyebrow Pencil, would love to try this one


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