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Lakme Absolute White Intense Skin Cover Foundation Review

Lakme Absolute White Intense Skin Cover Foundation SPF 25 Review!

ISLM Writer: Ishleen

Hello gorgeous ladies!

So the wedding season has started and we all have been ton loads of busy in trying to keep up with the hectic but fun period that comes each year at this time! Long nights of sangeet and early morning rituals, not to forget the high dose of sugary nd greasy foods that we tend to gorge upon, do take a toll on the skin! And no matter what skincare regime you try on, a pimple, some spots, and a blemish or two, would definitely welcome you in these days! And yes, dark circles, how can we forget them?

So no matter how good care you take of your skin, a special occasion needs you to look special and flawless! Yes, flawless! At least delude people with flawlessness if you cannot achieve it naturally! And here comes handy our little baby best friends—foundations! I trusted the Lakme Absolute White Intense Skin cover with SPF 25 to take me through this wedding season! Did it beseech my trust, or was it a loyal friend? Read on to know more! :)

Product Description
Name - Lakme Absolute White Intense Skin Cover SPF 25
Shade - 02 Golden Medium

Price of Lakme Absolute White Intense Skin Cover

It costs INR 595 for 15 ml.

Lakme's Claims about the Lakmé Absolute range

Lakmé’s high-performance, long wear make-up range, which lasts up to 16 hours. “The looks from the Absolute cosmetic range are of international standard and akin to it is my creation for this season, which is hi-tech, high- fashion, sophisticated and contemporary.” says the popular fashion designer Manish Malhotra.

Finish - semi-matte, leaning towards a satiny finish
Shades Available - 01 Ivory Fair, 02 Golden Medium, 03 Beige Honey

My Experience With Lakme Absolute White Intense Skin Cover SPF 25

Packaging - First things first, as much as the classy metallic-looking plastic body (so convenient) with a pump thing to dispense out just the right amount of product (so handy, right?) appealed me—the very mention of “white intense” irked the last bit of any remaining sanity which I had in me! Nevertheless, I bought it for my mom but the shade was too light for her so I ended up using it myself! Or else, I would have never bought a self-proclaimed “whitening” foundation! So coming back to the details, the tube is not too heavy, has a very convenient pump tube and is all in all gives value for money kind of a chic look!

Shade - The shade 02 Golden medium is by far the most compatible shade for those with light to medium skin with heavy yellow undertones as it has undertone balance ng kind of a thing going on with it once blended well! Thought he range has only three shades but I guess that is not much of a problem as anyhow all the shades have a tendency to adapt themselves to the natural skin tone! And yes, the best part is that they do not oxidise and the shade does not look ashy even after 8-10 hours of wear.

Texture - The absolute skin cover is more on the creamier side of the spectrum—no, it is not exactly liquid, not exactly gel or mousse like but a plain old creamy finish foundation which is super smooth to use. The only downfall is that it is quite thick in texture—for a BB cream person, that can never be a good thing—but for medium to heavy coverage lovers, this is the thing for you!

Coverage and finish - As you can see in the pictures, I took just a tiny-teeny drop of the foundation and it spread like crazy! It blends really well and will easily cover all the problem areas! But will not c over dark circles perfectly, you’ll need a concealer to do that! And as I said earlier, this gives more of a satiny matte finish! One thing is for sure that it would not get oily anytime soon, nor will it give the skin a no-nonsensical matte look—it would just look like your skin but better! Top off with a powder and you oily beauties are good to go! As for you normal-dry skinned goddesses, heavy moisturization under the foundation is almost a cardinal rule for you!

Staying Power - Although most of the review has been covered up above, but still, for the sake of saying it, I’ll rephrase my lines and tell you girls that this foundation stays put for a good 12 hours with minor touch ups (though I wouldn’t recommend wearing makeup for so long, it takes a toll on the skin)! It does not oxidize with wear time and neither does it make your skin oily, blotchy or cakey! Plus, it does not settle in the fine lines of the skin! Interesting, right?

  1. Smooth to apply
  2. Creamy foundation
  3. Affordable
  4. Pump dispenser
  5. Smooths out imperfections
  6. Medium-heavy coverage
  7. Does not render skin heavy or oily
  8. Not excessively matte or drying
  9. Gives a satiny-matte, my skin but better look
  10. Long wear time
  11. Does not oxidise
  12. Blends out like a dream
  13. Adapts to the natural tone of your skin
  1. The SPF in the foundation does not photograph well
  2. Opaque packaging renders it impossible to know how much product has been used up
  3. Whitening claims are bleh!
  4. The plastic tube may crack (if not exactly break) if exposed to pressure
  5. Limited shades available (which can be worked with anyhow)
Final Verdict:
If you are looking for a foundation which is neither too heavy on the pocket nor on the skin, and you are a sucker for matte foundations which are not too drying or which blur out imperfections instead of settling into fine lines—girl, you need to go ahead and buy the Lakme Absolute White Intense Skin Cover SPF 25 now!

Overall Rating:


  1. The shade has enough yellow undertone which is perfect for Indian skintone! But I guess Lakme has hiked the price recently!! Nice review :)

    My recent post: Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush 'Creamy Cinnamon' Review, Swatch, FOTD!! !!

    1. Yes anurima!
      I dont know why brands do this each time we fall in love with some particular range!


  2. I have never tried out this range from lakme. I have a Mac Studio finish which comes with spf 15 i guess, and it photographs well!!! Sad that this is not the case with this one.
    My Recent Post: Forest Essentials Tranquil Sleep Review

    1. Yes! It does not photograph well, but only under harsh artificial lighting and also flash photography! Rest works just fine! :)

  3. I use the same shade too... ND i personally love this foundation for day time outings... Its apparently full coverage and not feels heavy... You've posted a detailed review which would be helpful for many

    1. I am so glad that it worked out well for you shreya! :*
      and thanku for the kind words! :)


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