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Sunset Inspired Makeup Look

Sunset Inspired Makeup Look
Sunset Inspired Makeup Look

LOTD: Sunset Inspired Makeup Look

Do you think sunsets are now forgotten? I mean there was a time when everyone was taking pictures of sunsets, writing poetic verses describing a sunset, all honeymoon pictures had a number of sunsets captured and all Indian Hill Stations have sunset points!

And then it all stopped. Suddenly no one was talking about sunsets anymore... It was more about either Azure Blue waters or food! The more colourful the food the better Instagram picture it made... Desserts, salads and burgers make for the best models and at least my Instagram feed is either these or well dogs...

So, the other day I decided to get some sunset into my life again and I did a makeup look inspired by the gorgeous dusk sky in all its splendour!

However at the outset let me take this moment to give a shoutout to the Makeup Revolution 144 Eyeshadow Palette from the 2016 Collection without which this makeup look would not have been possible. A review + swatches post will be up soon...

Now for the look, I took inspiration from the following picture and I tried to play out the Purple, Blue and Orange that mother nature threw at me when I took this picture of the sunset.

Indian Beauty Blogger Samyukta

I hope you liked the look and do let me know what kind of makeup looks you'd like me to do in the future. I am kinda running out of inspirations lately...


  1. Amazing eye makeup... Would be great if you share the shades used :) And did you seriously click the picture? At once I thought it's a wallpaper 😁

  2. Absolutely love the eye makeup. Love how the shades have come together.


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