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REVIEW & SWATCHES: Mascara and Eyeliner Duo by Sleek Makeup

REVIEW: Sleek Makeup Dip-It Duo Volumising Mascara and Liquid Eyeliner 24 Karat

ISLM Writer: Sanchita

Mascara and eyeliner go hand in hand and these are two things that a girl needs in her life more than anything else. Sleek Makeup has been a phenomenal drugstore brand which sadly isn't available in India, but thanks to a handful of websites and their heavy duty shipping charges, we still can get our hands on these lovely products. I decided to buy the mascara and eyeliner duo for the sole purpose of saving myself the labor of carrying two things in my bag when I can get both the product in a single thing. Read on to know my thoughts about the product in detail.

Description of Sleek Makeup Dip-It Duo

A multi-use product that delivers and we couldn't ask for better value than the Dip-It Duo combination from Sleek. On one end is a mascara that thickens and lengthens lashes and on the other is a long-lasting liquid eyeliner which, when combined, accentuates the eyes for a dramatic look. The dual-ended product defines your eyes and the clever design makes it easy to get the look on-the-go!

The Duo comes in three great colours. Jet black, Sterling Silver for a cool slick effect and 24 Karat for a dramatic gold glimmer.

Price of Sleek Makeup Dip-It Duo Volumising Mascara & Liquid Liner

It costs USD 6.99 for 2X4 ml / 0.14 fl oz.

My Review of Sleek Makeup Dip-It Duo Volumising Mascara & Liquid Liner 24 Karat

Packaging – the product comes in a medium length cylindrical packaging with a flashy black, pink and golden body. The packaging is extremely good, travel friendly, sturdy and also eye catching. I am actually in love with the packaging.

Eyeliner – the eyeliner has the golden side which is color coded and easy to identify. The felt tip provided is good – neither lovely nor worthless. It is slightly less flexible in my opinion and a little flexibility would have been good. All you need is a careful hand while application as it won’t be a cakewalk for beginners. The color is golden with fine micro shimmer in it. It is not a very bright gold but a yellowish pale one which somehow on my warm toned skin didn’t look good. However, the color will be a stunner for fair complexions.

The consistency is neither thick nor very runny and hence perfect for application. I hate layering this eyeliner as it gets crump and cakey after drying and moreover it is fairly pigmented. The pigmented is good with 1-2swipes and looks pretty well. The liner is smudge proof until you vigorously rub the eyes but it is not waterproof at all.

The horrible thing I felt with this eyeliner is that, it stings – very badly. My eyes started burning like the moment I applied the liner on the lids. My eyes are generally not sensitive to makeup at all but in this case it stung pretty badly. Twice or thrice it happen so badly that I immediately washed off my face and never applied it. This did not, on the other hand, happen with the mascara though.

Mascara – the mascara is encased in the black side of the cylinder. The brush provided is a basic spoolie with straight structure. The bristles are closely packed which gives a nice volume to the lashes. The mascara, I felt, is more for volume than length which works very good for me.

The mascara is creamy, thick and dries very quickly in the bottle. Within a month I had to use cheat tricks with eye drops to keep the mascara alive and tossed it after 4-5months. The mascara on the lashes looks good but more than two coats makes it messy and clumpy. I always have to use a clean spoolie to take off the excess. It holds the curl for around 4-5hours and gives a nice boost and lift to the lashes, so much as close to a pair of falsies.

The mascara is water resistant but not completely water proof. It remains on the lashes as long as the whole until I remove it. Removal becomes slightly messy and time consuming as well.

What I Loved About Sleek Makeup Dip-It Duo

  1. Very cute and travel friendly packaging
  2. Pale shimmery gold eyeliner.
  3. Right consistency of the liner.
  4. Good color pay off and smudge proof eyeliner.
  5. Black mascara.
  6. Nice applicator.
  7. Gives a volume boost to the lashes
  8. Budget friendly.

What I Hated About Sleek Makeup Dip-It Duo

  1. Eyeliner turns cakey after drying.
  2. Stings the eyes like hell.
  3. Eyeliner is not water proof.
  4. Mascara is not waterproof.
  5. Mascara is slightly drying.
  6. Availability

Overall Rating
3/5 (Eyeliner 1, Mascara 3.5)

The only reason I somehow appreciated the product is for the innovative and chic packaging and he volume boost mascara. I wouldn’t recommend the product because of, firstly the availability as you have to pay shipping charges and also for the quality. For the price you can actually buy a good liner and mascara separately.


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