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Maybelline Velvet Matte Lip Cream - MAT 4 Review & Swatches

Maybelline Velvet Matte Lip Cream in MAT 4 Review, Swatches and FOTD!

ISLM Writer: Ishleen

Hello sweeties! First of all a big bear hug to all my girlies,for no apparent reason! Just because I love you guys so freaking much! Ok, so veiling my excitement with a layer of decency, hi girls! I hope all of you had an amazing festive week!

So Maybelline, as a brand renowned fir striking the right advertisement cords at the right time, has done it once again! The brand struck the market at the very oncoming of the festive (diwali) season and flooded the markets with all these new, cute, good quality and pocket friendly products in the market! I have already reviewed the recently launched superfresh compact and here I am with the review for the much coveted Maybelline velvet matte lip range!

Dig in to know more...

Product description

I very vividly remember how after the revlon chubby sticks were launched last year, the whole industry was up for a chubby stick ride! But this year, it is matte lip creams which are all the craze! Going with the flow, Maybelline has launched these cute little velvet matte lip creams which go from liquid to matte! At Least this is what Maybelline had to say!

Name - Maybelline Velvet Matte Lip Cream

Shade - MAT 4

Price of Maybelline Velvet Matte Lip Cream

It costs INR 475/- for 5 ml.

Availability - Easily available across all Maybelline counters and local beauty suppliers that stock Maybelline as well as online!

Product claims

This season is all about Mattes! Give your lips a petal smooth finish with Maybelline New York’s New Color Sensational Velvet Matte Lipstick.This innovative “Liquid to Matte” product is a hydrating cream color that glides on smooth and sets with a matte finish. It comes in 8 trendy colors that are not only designed for long wear but are also lightweight. The velvety, buttery cushion-like texture keeps lips in comfort all day. Here’s your go-to matte lipstick, that will always make you look chic and classy.

"Hydrating cream color glides on smooth and sets with a matte finish; vibrant, richly-pigmented hues are designed for long wear; lightweight, non-sticky, non-drying formula; velvety, cushion-like texture keeps lips in comfort all day"

My Experience with Maybelline Vevet Matte Lip Cream

I am a sucker for matte lip products! Yes, yes, I am a true fan! And as soon as I got to know that my favourite brand had something matte, new and pocket friendly in store for me; my wallet knew I was going for it be what may!

Packaging - Remember the Maybelline lip polishes that came in those cute small tubular packaging with shiny silver caps to them? Replace the shiny silver cap with matte black caps and you have the new Maybelline velvet matte packaging ready! The tube is a simple see through kind of thingy which helps in identifying the respective shade if you plan to have more than one colours! The applicator is a leaf shaped one and is a delight to work with! It especially helps with defining your cupids bow, and picks up just the right amount of product!  Quite a welcome change from the regular doe foot applicators! The lid shuts quite tightly and seems spill proof to quite some extent! I have been carrying it around almost regularly in my college bag and it behaved quite well!

Shade - I had been eyeing all shades except the shade MAT 4, and maybe it was because I never saw any swatches of the said shade online! So when while shopping this baby came to my sight, I had to get it! More for you guys to see than for myself! ;)

So this shade is like a coraly-pinky, kind of  a warm coral-bubblegum kind of pink shade! I don't know if I make sense but yes, this is what it is! It is nothing very unique but it is such a pretty cool toned, but very wearable pink; especially alluring for Indian skin tones that it seemed to be a must try shade from the range! It may wash out very dark skin tones but if used with a dark lipliner, you can make it work on the darkest of the complexions as well!

Texture - True to its name, the texture of the velvet matte lip creams are very creamy in finish! It is Not runny, but has a liquidy-creamy kind of consistency, if you know what I mean! One thing which I can say that I expected more of a mousse like creamy, kind of whipped-up texture as those textures generally set into the prettiest matte finishes! Upon swatching they appeared as very normal glosses! And mind you I waited for like 5 minutes before creating an opinion, but no it did not mattify! Yes, the texture is good in the sense that it does not feel drying on the lips, goes in smooth--buttery smooth, does not pull, tug or settle into fine lines but it did not mattify much on me! One thing I do like is that it is not patchy, neither has that streaky application! After 20-25 minutes of lip application, it does start mattifying a bit, but then too it is very wet, almost creamy if not glossy! I have had better velvet matte finishes in my collection than this for sure!

Pigmentation and coverage - If there is one thing which I expect out of a matte lip cream, it is opaque coverage! No, I am not totally disappointed with the coverage; it is quite good for a glossy-creamy lip products standard, but for a matte product, I expected better! Ok, let me put it this way! For all you pink lips, you have it spot on for you! But if you have even the slightest of pigmentation or dark patches on the lips, you would think that maybelline lagged behind in the pigmentation aspect! I hope I could keep my point very clearly in front of you! :)

Staying power - This was perhaps the moat disturbing aspect! These are not at all long-staying, like not-at-all! I used it above a bit of loose powder on my exfoliated and moisturised lips and even then it did not stay more than 2-3 hours! No, they do not stain and they do fade off evenly, but still a matte lip cream is expected to stay for a tad bit longer than this at least! So in this aspect, this product did make me dislike it a bit!


  1. Gorgeous colour
  2. Decent colour pay off
  3. Cute packaging
  4. Feels creamy on the lips
  5. Smooth application
  6. Does not feel drying on the lips
  7. Very easy to use applicator
  8. Travel friendly
  9. Not too heavy on the pocket
  10. Does not settle into fine lines


  1. Does not mattify as a matte lip product should
  2. Quite glossy for a matte lip cream
  3. Does not stay put for long
  4. Will not cover any dark patches or lip pigmentation

Final verdict - I know people have been raving about it so much but personally, I did not like it as much as I like my other velvet matte lip creams! Had this been a glossy, or like a creamy top coat for my lipsticks, I would have loved it so dearly! But as a matte lip cream, nope! Not happening!

Overall Rating


  1. Great review! I have it in the shade MAT6 and I love it!If you want complete matte finish, you can dot it on your lips first and then spread it by fingertips! :)

    Kareena Kapoor Khan inspired makeup look, tutorial and product suggestions!!

    1. Thankyou Anurima! Mat 6 is a great pick from the range! And i have tried this trick, but, those who know me, know how stringent a lover i am for pure mattes. And until and unless the matte looks and feels dryingly matte--i am not satisfied :P

      Anyways that is a great tip, thankyou :*

  2. The shade is absolutely gorgeous.

    1. I sweat it is... The moment I saw it on Ishleen I knew I had to get it for myself ;)


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