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REVIEW: Rimmel London Sexy Curves Full Figure Extra Volume & Shapely Curve Mascara


REVIEW: Rimmel London Sexy Curves Full Figure Extra Volume & Shapely Curve Mascara

We all go through phases in our lives... They could be something that you expect to something completely random... For some it could be frequent while some experience more balance... I belong to the former faction and my phases are random, inexplicably so...

Currently I am compulsively listening to Kygo, am in love with Dark Mocha Frappuccino at Starbucks to the point of delusion and am obsessively buying Mascaras... Apparently, not everyone finds Kygo music as enthralling as I do, Java Chip Frappuccino may actually be better than the Dark Mocha and well in reality my lashes have a love-hate relationship with Mascaras. No, there isn't a grey area...

But I keep buying them...
Like I said, its a phase...

The latest to be added to my mascara stash is the Rimmel London Sexy Curves Full Figure Extra Volume & Shapely Curve Mascara, quite a mouthful isn't it (pun definitely not intended!)? ;)
What attracted me to this "full-bodied" mascara after the name was the attractive metallic orange packaging... It has a subtle "come-hither" look about it and hither I definitely went...

Price of Rimmel London Sexy Curves Full Figure Extra Volume & Shapely Curve Mascara

It costs INR 520/-

The Sexy Curves mascara claims to give you voluptuous volume and shapely curves... Errrrmmmm to your lashes of course and it does deliver to a certain extent... However for me, voluptuous volume was not meant to be and I have to be happy with shapely curves only. It also makes my lashes longer...

Additionally, the mascara also separates out my lashes really well and hence acts as a great "base" for a volumising mascara. Since it separates out the lashes wonderfully, wearing multiple layers of another volumizing mascara does not end up in clumping and that is something I love about the sexy curves mascara.

My favorite Mascara Combo is the Rimmel London Sexy Curves Full Figure Extra Volume Mascara as the base and then 2 coats of the Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Volume Flash Mascara.

It comes with a very interesting applicator wand it's a little bent with multiple curves on display. You have no idea what's going through my mind while I write this sentence...
It took a little getting used to but I am now super comfortable with using it on both my upper as well as lower lashes.

The mascara on the lashes dries us pretty fast and by that I mean faster than its other Rimmel counterparts...

Overall Rating:

It didn't give me volume but it definitely curls your lashes and holds the curl. It also gave me length and I like using it as a base mascara... You might as well give it a shot.


  1. The packaging the curves in the wand look nice. I am not a big mascara person but this sounds exciting.

    1. Its an interesting mascara... Its the kind that you either hate or you absolutely love :)


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