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Tip Of The Week: Using Oil for Shaving Dry Or Sensitive Skin


Tip Of The Week: Using Oil for Shaving Dry or Sensitive Skin

Fall is officially here. I know it because of the month. My skin knows it because it is starting to get very dry. My skin at the first hint of lack of moisture starts to get itchy, cracked, very dry and I even start to get cuts all over... In this situation hair removal is a bitch!

I had always been waxing my legs and well other parts of my body but after getting introduced to Gillette Venus, I have now been shaving my legs daily since April much to my beautician's chagrin! Read all about my conversion HERE.

So anyway, with dry skin shaving becomes a pain cause it ends up making your skin feel sore and even get little nicks and cuts here and there and no amount of shaving gel, conditioner or even shower gel was helping me get a painless shave...

And then I discovered oil as a lubricant for shaving... Depending on the type of your skin and your preference you can choose the kind of oil you'd like to use. Just make sure that the oil doesn't get absorbed into your skin immediately else the lubrication for your razor would less.

If you have sensitive skin then I'd suggest you steer clear from Mineral Oil and go for more naturally extracted oils like Almond Oil, Olive Oil or even Coconut Oil. they are great for the skin and are excellent lubricants.

I don't have sensitive skin and for my dry skin I make do with Johnson's Baby Oil and it works wonders :)

How To Use Oil for Shaving?

1. Shave after a warm shower. Water water and the steam from the shower helps your pores open up and loosen the hair follicles. This helps in getting a closer shave.
2. Pat dry your skin (don't rub). You need your skin to be still be a little wet.
3. Apply the oil of your choice generously over the are that you plan to shave
4. Shave!

Advantages of Using Oil for Shaving

1. Oil (natural) is good for your skin!
2. You need not moisturise after shaving. Just an application of oil before the shave takes care of pre and post shaving moisturisation.
3. Using oil for shaving helps prevent soreness after a close shave.
4. You save on a lot of money by not buying expensive shaving gels and foams that may also not be too good for your skin.

I hope you liked this post. Do let me know if you have any questions regarding shaving or other hair removal procedures. I'd be happy to answer them for you :)

I'll see you nest Sunday with another "Tip of the Week" article...

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  1. great tips , i will surely try out oil shaving

  2. Great tip! I use hair conditioner instead and works great! Will try this as well :)
    All about colored eye pencils and tricks to play with them!!

  3. Didn't know oil could be used as a substitute for shaving cream.


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