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My Top 8 Makeup Tips to Look Gorgeous in Spectacles/Glasses


My Top 8 Makeup Tips to Look Gorgeous in Spectacles/Glasses

This post has been long due! I have been wanting to do a makeup post for people who wear spectacles (comme moi!) but it just kept getting shelved mostly due to my laziness... But I have finally decided to get this post out and I hope the spectacle wearing brethren finds it helpful :)
So lets just get right into it!

DISCLAIMER: This post of mine will not necessarily conform to Makeup Dos and Don'ts and may even go against some Makeup "rules" that the world tends to follow. Whatever I write in this post is something that I do on myself and I think it works ;)

1. Thickness of your Eyeliner should be Proportional to the Thickness of your Frames

This is for those who look down on makeup and think that makeup is easy and all about being artsy, there is SCIENCE behind MAKEUP!!! :P
So the first "tip" that I want to highlight is that the thickness of your eye liner MUST BE proportional to the thickness of your spectacle frames. Hence if you have thin frames or wear rimless glasses then try to go for a thin or a barely there eyeliner. With thicker frames you could experiment with a thicker line.
Winged liners generally look nicer with thin or no frames. Winged liners with thicker frames tend to look too busy and not very pretty making the wearer look desperate for attention (am I being harsh here?)

2. The Color of Your Eyeliner Should Complement Your Frames

NEVER MATCH your eyeliner with the color of your frames. Try going for shades that complement your frame color. For example, with blue frames, a black liner or a liner in a different shade of blue would look gorgeous. A brown frame would look amazing with black, purple or green liner while with white frames you could experiment with brown, blue and purple liners.
With Pink, Red or Maroon frames, a smudged green or Purple liner would look beautiful :)
My frames are tortoise shelled and I stick to black or brown liners.

3. A Bright/Bold Lip and Spectacles is the Perfect Combination

This is a no-brainer and am sure that most of us follow this. Nude eye makeup and sometimes no makeup eyes with a bright/bold lip works beautifully with glasses, add some mascara and highlighter and you are good to go! And this is especially handy when you are in a hurry...

4. Not Smokey Eyes but Make Colorful Eyeshadow your Best Friend

Dark smokey eyes tend to look a little untidy under spectacles and I feel its a waste of effort to go the whole yard with smokey eyes when the intricacy isn't very noticeable through glasses. Hence I prefer to go wish a wash of some bright eyeshadow over my lids when I plan to wear my specs. One thing to note though, is that your eyeshadow should complement the color of your frames (like point #2)
I sometimes also blend two bright eye shadows together to give a little dimension to my eyes.

5. Mascara is a Must

Contrary to popular belief, mascara is a must with spectacles. Unless you are blessed with gorgeously long (read very long) lashes, it is safe to coat your lashes with a mascara. They will not swipe against your spectacle lenses. I promise!
Using a mascara opens up your eyes and trust me an illusion of open and bright eyes is extremely attractive when seen through a pair of glasses. It gives an illusion of a sexy vixen hidden behind nerdy glasses and I strangely dig that look ;)

6. Powder Foundations will be your Best Friend

Wearing glasses continuously can make your concealer as well as foundation move around and hence you will need to touch your makeup up a couple of times through the day. For such situations, a powder foundation comes in handy. It can not only be used to re-set your concealer, it can also be used to touch your foundation up in the areas on the sides of your nose where the nose pads of your specs sit.
When reapplied good powder foundations do not cake your face up and are very handy to carry in your purse/bag.

7. Highlight the Bridge of your Nose & Your Forehead ONLY

Many of us let face makeup take a back seat when we wear our specs thinking that it wont be seen or noticed... While it is true in some cases, the aim should be to "makeup" and "highlight" parts of the face that are visible. Hence, highlighting the bridge of your nose and your forehead is not optional...
This gives dimension to your face and make you look well turned out and put-together.

8. Shapely, Filled-In Brows are a Must

This is an important step because it creates a balance. Filled in brows highlight the upper part of your face, frames your glasses and makes your makeup look complete. The brows need not be drawn extensively just a little filling up and you are good to go.

I hope you found these tips helpful and if you have anymore then please do share them with everybody through the comments section.
Until next time Ciao! ♥


  1. A useful post for me, thank you. I liked your frame too. :)

  2. Very useful post! Though I am an occasional glass wearer, but will surely keep these points in mind <3

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  3. Nice ideas. I normally prefer contacts as they are more comfortable, but off late I have become a little lazy and started wearing glasses frequently. Didn't know about the liner thickness being proportional to the frames thickness.

  4. You look so pretty with specs! 😍

  5. Awesome post...and you look so cute with those glasses...wull sure use some of these tips.. :)


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