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Keep Calm & Love Your Skin Featuring L'Oreal Paris Mat Magique

REVIEW: L'Oreal Paris Mat Magique All In One Transforming Powder
I am turning 30 in a fortnight and all I can think of is somehow saving my skin from the inevitable aging... From various night creams to eye creams to magical skin elixirs, I am giving everything a shot. However, I cannot but notice how my skin's changed in the past couple of months...

Colour Your World With Maybelline Color Show Lipsticks

REVIEW: Maybelline Color Show Lipsticks in Orange Icon and Cherry Crush
When people ask me what my favorite color is, I am at a loss... A loss because I cannot for the love of God choose 1 favorite color... I like Red Lipsticks, Pink gulaal, Black eye liner, Yellow dupattas, Green cushions, Turquoise Blue stone earrings, White Lilies and the list goes on... How does one choose just one colour?

I love colour so much...

ISLM Travels: My Dilli Haat Haul

ISLM Travels: My Dilli Haat Haul
This post has been due since a really long time! I visited Delhi over the long Eid weekend and though it was a short trip, I did squeeze in an evening of shopping all thanks to my sweet sweet in-laws! I am not very well versed with roads in Delhi and to be honest, I am pretty scared to be alone in Delhi and hence I am always waiting for someone to either take me places or at least accompany me to various places...

LOTD: Makeup Look Inspired by the Mysterious Bedouin Women

From Around The World: LOTD Inspired by Mysterious Bedouin Women
I am a bookworm... I love reading... Reading I feel is a way of traveling the world without leaving the warmth of your bed or the coziness of your favorite couch... From Appalachia to the land of Genghis Khan, from the deserts roamed by the Bedouin Tribes to the streets of Tokyo when studded with Geishas, books have not only helped me travel the world but also time and hence it shouldn't come as a surprise that I have an imagination fueled by what I have read...

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: Who Is The Fairest Of Them All?

Who’s the Fairest of them All?
ISLM Writer: Nivedita
Kangana Ranaut is making headlines again, thanks to her latest movie—Tanu Weds Manu Returns. However, this article is not about this movie. As soon as news of this movie being a nice entertainer broke out, a piece of news was circulated in leading dailies and all over social media, which made me sit up. I’m sure you all have read it by now. Still let me reveal it for you—Kangana apparently refused a fairness cream endorsement worth 2 crores.

3 Skin Care Products That You Are Probably Not Using But You Should!

3 Must Use Skin Care Products The most important aspect of good makeup is a flawless base. And for a flawless base that looks both naturally radiant and beautiful is good skin. I don't have to harp on the advantages of having good skin, I mean its a no-brainer right? We all want, dream of and crave for flawless skin and are ready to go to almost any length to make it a reality...

Behind Every Bold Wing, There is a Fabulous Eye Liner...

Review of Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Push Up Liner in Black
I am forever looking out for eyeliners and kajals that are not only crease and smudge proof but also the blackest of black... It's probably an Indian thing but I cannot live without lining my eyes black... Many of us can't now can we? ;) It is after all the first makeup product that we start using, be it in school or in college :)