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UPDATE: #SubscribeToSmooth With Gillette Venus - Week 3


UPDATE: #SubscribeToSmooth With Gillette Venus - Week 3

Not everything in life is easy... There are times when everyday, mundane things can start getting tiresome, when a routine that you had set for yourself since the time you can remember starts to feel like a chore and the one thing that you thought you could not live without ends up feeling like a liability...

That's exactly what was starting to happen to me where waxing is concerned... The once a month trips to the beauty salon became something of a chore when I wanted a quick and a quiet session but the beautician (who has been working on me since years now) would just chirp away to glory about random stuff... My waxing sessions needed to be timed perfectly keeping in mind the various functions and events I had on my calendar and the nearest weekend as I work really long hours and weekdays aren't simply an option...
Plus what had really started to get on my nerves was that my wearing dresses, shorts and skirts had been restricted to just a few days in my waxing cycle... A few days after a session of waxing is great but a week later when the hair starts to grow I am just not comfortable exposing my legs (I guess no one is!) and the beautician would refuse to wax as really short hair is "unwaxable"! Arggghhhhh the frustration...

And hence when I discovered that shaving my legs was an option and a valid one at that I jumped at the opportunity and took up the #SubscribeToSmooth challenge... Of course you all know about it and I am now in Week 3. Here are my Week 1 and Week 2 updates.

What really surprises me though is the fact that I am still continuing with the challenge. When I started out and told people about how I had started shaving, most of them discouraged me and told me how it could prove disastrous. From things like it making my skin dark and patchy to making my hair coarser and thicker to being unhygienic, I had heard everything! But I still continued shaving probably because the session that Gillette Venus had organized for us bloggers with Kriti Sanon (actress), Namrata Expert (Beauty Expert and MUA) and Dr Rashmi Shetty (dermatologist) had me understand the facts about shaving and keep the myths at bay...

So anyways, while I am in Week 3, I have completed 15 effective days of shaving every alternate day and well my legs haven't been smoother, I have worn dresses and skirts almost everyday without having to worry about people seeing stubble on my legs and most importantly I didn't have to waste time, it literally took me 3 mins in the shower to shave my legs fully!!!
The best part though is that my hair isn't coarser or thicker or darker... Its still the same! Better still since I have been shaving really often I don't even need to see any hair anytime! And my skin hasn't been better. I see no change in texture or color. If anything my legs haven't been smoother in a long time ;)

Its great... Its liberating! Literally....

Also till about last week I was using my shower gel for shaving. This week I tried the Gillette Venus Satin Care Shave Gel and it was magical! If I thought shaving was a dream come true then using the shave gel made the experience dreamier! I got a smoother and a closer shave and the fragrance was simply amazing!

All in all I am a happy bunny with shaving and am looking forward to Week 4 :)

Do let me know of what you think of shaving, your experience with it and if you are willing to take up shaving for a change... I'd love to know about what you have to say :)


  1. Even I feel the same...shaving is much better option...its much more convinient nd time saving too!!


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