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Coffee Breaks With ISLM: 7 Ways to Beat Monday Blues


Coffee Breaks With ISLM: 7 Ways to Beat Monday Blues

Do you dread every Monday morning that comes your way? Well you aren’t the only One doing so. Most of the working (should it be employed?) population suffer from this syndrome every Monday morning. In fact, until a couple of months ago I used to feel down the moment the clock struck 7pm on Sunday evening. I’d literally tell myself… ‘weekend is over and oh Monday I hate you..’!

However, of late, I have found a couple of ways to manage this stress that drives all of us crazy each and every Monday.

1.   Wear your best dress or favorite color: 
This tip works like a charm. Wear the dress you look your best in, or the one that’s your favorite. The pluses of doing this are many. You will feel great, and if you are lucky enough, compliments could just start overflowing. And lastly, a dull or drab dress adds to the sunken feeling ten times, if not more!

2.    Turn on the music: 
If your mood is still not upbeat, what’s music for? Turn on your favorite tunes as soon as you wake up on Monday. I love listening to FM and I turn it on Monday mornings for sure, when am doing the usual chores of packing a lunch or sipping my morning cuppa of tea or coffee. It’s an amazing way to re-vitalize yourself and start the day on a bang.

3.    Pre-plan your Mondays: 
I know so many people who hate to do this. Choose your dress, iron it, if needed and decide what to pack for your lunch on the Sunday afternoon or evening. Do not wait for the next morning to do this. Chances are you will be rushed and your day will be unorganized right from the morning.

4.    Food for happiness: 
Good food cheers all of us, isn’t it? Pack something that you love to eat for your lunches on Monday. The delicious food will up your excitement levels and it will continue to be that way till Monday noon too.

5.    Have a 3 day weekend: 
I read somewhere—Happiness is in the Mind. This trick is just an offshoot of this lovely quote. Instead of packing your weekends with plenty of plans, spread them over 3 days—Saturday, Sunday and Monday. So if you have planned to shop and watch movies with your friends, just go shopping during the weekend and postpone the movie plan to Monday evenings. Your entire day will seem quite happy, promise.

6.    Relax: 
That’s what weekends are for! But do not over-do it. Stick to your regular schedule and make minimal changes to the sleeping pattern. For example, instead of sleeping till noon, try sleeping 2 hours more than you do on weekdays, and then take a nap later in the day. Find out other ways to beat stress such as going for a relaxing massage, pedicure or visiting open and quiet places nearby. 

7.    Fridays: 
Try not to postpone pending work till Mondays. Complete as much as possible on Fridays so that you can relax during the weekends and on Monday.

Now armed with these tips, bid goodbye to Monday blues. Implementing these tips will not just help you to have happy Mondays; you will also not be led to think that it’s time to bid goodbye to your current job. Finally, if you still suffer from Monday blues, try listing down the reason why you are employed in the first place and the benefits that you get to enjoy by being independent.


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