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On My Testing Table: Rimmel London


On My Testing Table: Rimmel London

So I got myself a teeny-tiny micro haul from Rimmel London last week... I wasn't planning to... I went to Pune Central thinking of getting myself the L'Oreal nude magic Foundation when I happened to glance at the Rimmel counter... The SA there smiled so sweetly that I knew I just had to check out some Rimmel products... Ha!

So anyways, I ended up not buying the L'Oreal Paris foundation and went ahead and got me some Rimmel products instead! I had no idea that SAs could make so much of a difference you know!

So, here are the products that I got myself and let me tell you all in short about how much I love each of the three products I got myself! I am no doubt in love with them!

1. Rimmel Scandal Eyes Volume Flash Mascara

This is one magical mascara... And I mean every word of it... It gives a huge and an instant volume blast to my barely there lashes... You have got to see to believe, really... I will have a review up real soon!

2. Rimmel Hide The Blemish Concealer

This is one of the fist 'real' concealers that I own... Most of my previous concealers have been highlighting ot illuminating concealers that had the job of highlighting certain areas of my face (under eye, bridge of the nose, cupid's bow etc)... However, this is a real 'concealing' concealer and I am pretty impressed with it till now. More in detail later in a full-blown blog post!

3. Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Nude Delight

This was not really an impulse buy like most of my other nude lippies... This was actually a deliberate purchase as I was looking for something really nude to wear under clear glosses... I did not want MLBB or natural/neutral looking lippies but something that was actually nude on my lips! And so I got this... And like all really nude lipsticks, it is a little tricky to wear but nothing that i cannot manage ;)
More in a review post later!

What do you think of these products on my testing table?
Is there any specific product that you'd like me to review before others? Let me know! ♥


  1. I have been tempted by SA's good nature many times. The opposite has also happened several times :)
    Just a quick question - Check the use before date of the concealer. I might be over thinking this but that '17' of '2017' looks to be written later :(

  2. I havent tried anything out from Rimmel yet...I think I should now. Review the products soon! :)


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