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HAUL: The Body Shop, Westside, Verom Moda, Catwalk and Fabindia


HAUL: The Body Shop, Westside, Vero Moda, Catwalk and Fabindia

The best part about a weekend is meeting with your bestie and spending hours shopping, gossiping and cribbing about how age and weight's catching up with us... And this weekend's been all about it...
#LoveYouPrajakta #MissYouManu

The other day I tuned the Television to AXN and an episode of Sex and The City just started with Carrie Bradshaw saying 'Life is full of choices'... I liked the phrase and decided to start my next post with it... However, it didn't happen and so I am using the phrase and saying...

Life is full of choices and this weekend I was spoilt for choice :) Cause I shopped till I literally dropped tired and almost out of money :P


FabIndia is hands-down my favorite store for silver jewellery and when I am looking for pretty and
'Indian' stuff for home... So this time I got some bright blue cushion covers for the living room couch and a gorgeous set of stone bowls and spoons :)

I am now on the lookout for jet black dinner plates... Ladies if you know (for sure) where I can get a set, then please do let me know...


It had been ages I had shopped from Westside and so this weekend we decided to give the store a visit and check out some lingerie and makeup. However, we ended up at the shoes section (duh!) and the home store :D
So I got me some water glasses... I mean seriously, people come to my place and i have also sorts of glasses to serve them various drinks, from whiskey tumblers to wine goblets to beer bugs to cocktail glasses to everything... However, glasses to serve water in was always an issue and hence the purchase :)

What really caught my eye was this pair suede ballerinas that have these chunky, matte glitter at the front... It was available in many colors but I had to have them in Navy Blue.
I also got myself these bling-ey hair clips, some undies and well a set of 6 forks :P


These pair of Greek flat sandals were an impulsive purchase and the bestie and I bought a pair each just because we were getting a 30% off on a combined purchase of 2k

But they are pretty, aren't they :)

Vero Moda

I bought this top just because it made me look thin and girly :) Enough said!

The Body Shop

Coming to my favorite part of the shopping, The Bod Shop was something that the bestie and I both needed to visit... I went in to get a bottle of Satsuma Shower Gel and Brazil Nut Body Butter but the moment I took a whiff of the Vanilla Brulee range, I was sold... I ended up getting a Body Butter, a Shimmer Body lotion and a Shower Cream from the range...

I got some PR samples cause they knew I was a beauty blogger! Yayeee :D ♥


This is a surprise for the hubby's birthday...


  1. Amazing.... lovely picks... miss you and Prajakta

  2. Loved ur haul...even i got a fossil watch for my hubby today..

  3. Loved your haul.. do wear the veromoda top and share the pics on insta :D :)


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