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Coffee Breaks With ISLM: Fashion & Style Sensibilities

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: Fashion & Style Sensibilities

Guest Post By: Priyanka

Have you ever caught yourself judging another woman’s fashion choices and going, “Man! What was she even thinking when she stepped out of her house? I wouldn’t be caught dead in that!” This happens because the woman most likely thinks that she looks fabulous, you have conflicting style sensibilities and that certainly can’t be helped. For someone grunge fashion looks utterly chic but to another, it might just look like “homeless-du-jour”. Being someone who prizes a sense of individuality, I say, go with what you think works. The world be damned! As Yves Saint Laurent once said, “Fashion fades but style is eternal.”

We have numerous blogs, news agencies and publications dedicated to fashion, and why is that? Because the fashion world is so darn confusing and ginormous that one does need to have a general guideline to even figure out what their own style is! Enormously helpful though they might be I am sometimes flabbergasted with the sheer number of categories that they have. I mean, why does one require a kid’s section? Can’t we just dress them up cutely and go our merry way? Then I realised that this is another con of popular media, we have gotten extremely conscious about everything we wear. Kids like Suri Cruise, Shiloh and Blue Ivy have made us realise that we were exceptionally unfashionable kids! Needless to say, parents of today are not doing the same mistakes we did and dropping huge chunks of cash for making their little darlings look fabulous. While looking for Crayola Crayons for a DIY Crayon Lipstick tutorial, I happened to chance upon this gem of a website that should certainly be on the radar of young parents everywhere. Deals like this, sure are a godsend!

In this age of fabulous street fashion, even mere mortals aren’t spared by the fashion police; one can only wonder about the plight of celebrities. Unfortunately, it becomes quite hard to keep updating one’s wardrobe and that’s where websites dedicated to discount coupons come in handy. Having used them a bazillion times before I can honestly say that they are a huge rear end saver! Especially when discount festivals like this happen, one can surely stock up for the rest of the season!

Happy Shopping, ISLM readers! 


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