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Whats Your Take On 'The Grunge' Look?


Whats Your Take On 'The Grunge' Look?

So... Grunge seems to be making waves this fall, at least if we are to go by what Grazia October has on its cover... It has top IT girls (cool way to refer to super models) going all out, "grunging" their way to hotness... So this brings me to the question that I have been itching to ask you all... What is your take on Grunge?

Well if you ask me, I am not a fan... I try my best to be but its probably the Virgo in me that just can't seem to wrap its head around the fact that sallow skin, unruly eyebrows and orangey and bronze toned eyeshadows (that make your eyes look half open and sunk in) can be hot! Somehow it does work on the covers of magazines, I mean will you just look at how fabulous the Grazia cover is but when I go replicating it on myself it just doesn't seem right :/

Even celebrities like the Olsen twins make "Grunge" look so cool! 

I did try my hand it some time ago and HERE is the link to the post...

So whats your take?


  1. I know what you mean & agree with you - looks like these often look good on a cover but not so much in reality!


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