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What’s in your beach bag?



What’s in your beach bag?

    Right now, somewhere in the Hamptons a New York fashion photographer is taking pictures of some gorgeous bikini model, walking on the beach. Right now, somewhere in Mauritius a girl is looking through her giant beach bag, trying to find the sunscreen. It must a tough job, because we’ve all been there. 

Usually, the beach bag is bigger than the regular one. The every day bag of an average woman contains huge amounts of stuff that she must never use. So the beach bag is ten times worst. I can only imagine the look on your man’s face when you ask him to give you something from your own beach bag that’s like a total black hole for him. So what’s in your beach bag? Is it useful or is it there just for your own comfort?

Think about it and try to organize the stuff, in order to make your life easier. All you need on the beach is a clean towel, sunglasses and the sunscreen. Of course, you also feel the need to know that somewhere in your bag there is a classic book and dozen of accessories. First of all, be realistic and put the book in your bag, only if you are really going to read it. And now let’s make a list of the useful stuff that has to be present in that fancy and huge beach bag of yours.
1.      The sunglasses. Their need is indisputable. If you’re going to the beach for the whole day, you can take two pairs of sunglasses. Let one be with some really powerful lenses that are protecting your eyes from the evil sun kisses and the other one that has blue, yellow or white lenses that’s meant for your Instagram selfies.
2.      The sunscreen is that magic lotion, preventing the red pain and sometimes, smelling good. You may be really hungry for a dark tan, but your skin protection must be in the first place. So, put it in your bag and make sure it’s well closed, so there’s no chance in your lotion ruining your other goodies.
3.      The hat or the cap( for ya’ll hip hop chicks), because there’s nothing worse than getting sick because of the sun light.

Any other recommendation, ladies?


  1. A scarf/sarong, its better than having hat/cap :) atleast works really well for me during my recent beach vacation


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