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REVIEW: Four Fountains Spa, Gurgaon


A visit to The Four Fountains Spa in Gurgaon.

Guest Post By: Raunak

Hello my lovely girls……….a big bear hug to all of you.
Okay so I am very new to the concept of spas. Relaxation by massages, aroma and strokes…..all this is fairly new to me.
I was determined to experience what is all the fuss about.

It is very true that this fast paced lifestyle is snatching a lot out of our lives.
The peace, the calm and the need to slow down.
I am no different and I am also not immune to the stress and strains.
But tell you what I got a chance to just kick of my work and relax for once.
There is a twist to this story though.
I got to take Mr. Boyfriend along with me when I went to the four fountains spa. It was a couple’s therapy at the four fountains spa in Gurgaon. Located in supermart in Gurgaon it is very easy to reach here. I would say it is situated in one of the prime locations in Gurgaon. So one fine Sunday afternoon I took hold of Mr. Boyfriends hand and told him to march with me towards The Four Fountains Spa. Poor him, he had no option but to agree and get pampered along with me. Hehehe
From the web:
Owner description The Four Fountains Spa is India's largest chain of affordable health spas. We offer spa therapies for de-stressing, detoxification, immunity and beauty for men and women. Therapies offered include over 20 massages, body polishes, body wraps and facials.
As we entered the spa, we noticed it smelled of something citrus.  They made sure that the dim lighting and aroma in the air all aimed towards relaxation.

We felt at ease.

The front office staff consisted of a physiotherapist doctor Dr. Meenu who was extremely polite and willing to help us decide the type of therapy we wanted. Along with Dr. Meenu there was Rohit who too was very courteous. After the introduction and a welcome drink (green tea) we were introduced to our therapists. My therapist was the lovely lady Poonam and Mr Boyfriend got appointed a nice young lad called Anil.
A relaxing music was always running in the background and there were different rooms for different therapies. For eg: we were taken to a different room for our foot massage to begin with and a different couple’s room, which had two beds separated by a curtain for the body massage. My boyfriend and I enjoyed the therapy together in the couples room where a curtain affords the privacy, but you still get the comfort level of having your partner nearby.
I chose the aroma therapy massage ….. Even if you do not know what is that you are looking for in a massage you can blindly trust the staff at the four fountains spa to help you out.

To begin with we entered a room with comfortable chairs and started off with 10 minutes of foot reflexology. It was followed by moving into another room, changing into disposable undergarments and a stress check by Dr Meenu. The massage consisted of medium pressure movements and strokes starting from the back moving to the front of the body. It was an oh so relaxing experience and I will never forget the calm I experienced during the massage. The therapists were cautious and asked me if the air temperature in the room and the pressure used by them while massaging was right.
The massage continued for full 1 hour with strokes in varying intensities.
I loved every bit of it and kept asking Mr Boyfriend whether he was enjoying it or not. He sure was.
The oil used for the massage was a blend of certain oils in proportion.
When in between the massage I wanted to take a pee break the therapist was polite enough to get me a robe and walk me to the washroom.
The only icky part here: dirty washroom. Everything else was great in the spa, but the washroom was not clean and I made sure I notify the team about it. After the massage the therapists left the room and told us we could either go for a shower or they could towel dry our body. I and Mr Boyfriend preferred to skip the shower part here because we were really enjoying the moisture of the oil onto our skins.

After the therapy we were escorted out to the entrance and were asked to review the massage. We were also given samples of a foot cream to use on our feet before sleep at night which smelled like heaven. I took mister boyfriends tub as well as I love it so much.
We were offered some green tea again.
Over all I loved the experience at the spa. The massage was great the staff was extremely pleasant and friendly and I find the prices apt enough for this experience.
When I asked Mr Boyfriend, as reluctant he was initially (in stripping off and the spending few hours of his precious time :p) he ended up loving it too.
A special mention to how easy and convenient the four fountains spa made the couples therapy as well. You get to get your massage and also spend time with your partner. I am mentioning this keeping in mind the lack of time we end up with when we work, and how important for some of us is to spend that time with our better halvesJ

I am going to go the four fountains spa again. I highly recommend them. They offered me great service and they have a wonderful team.

Check this link for the updated price list:


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