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How to Get the Celebrity Look


How to Get the Celebrity Look

If Jennifer Lopez or Priyanka Chopra wear a certain style dress today and carry it off with élan, you can be sure it is going to be the rage tomorrow with girls and women searching frantically for something similar to give them the same pizzazz and hopefully make heads turn.
Looking like a celebrity is not easy. First of all you must have that flair and style that comes from within, the ability to carry yourself with some verve in public and project an air of absolute self-confidence.

Chief Attributes and Features needed to get the look

•    Confidence Boosting:
This is where it all starts. Celebrities, you will have noticed, revel in being in public and being the centre of attention. So do something about your inner confidence.

•    Work on your skin & hairstyle:
Next, you need to work on your looks to get that typical celebrity glow .Consult a specialist to get your tresses turned into a mane which you can toss with pride and make the guys’ hearts go thump-thump. You are almost there. Naturally, it is assumed you know how to take care of your face, make it look good and style the hair to frame your face just right. Blindly copying your favorite star’s hairstyle might not be a good idea. Your hair must suit your face shape.

•    Wise selection of apparel to suit your celebrity getup
Next we come to the all important apparel. Clothes make the man and very much so the woman. Here again you might be tempted to wear the same dress that the tall and elegant Deepika Padukone wears with so much aplomb. If you are on the shorter side and have a well rounded personality, you may want to stop and think a bit. What is suitable for tall ladies is not the perfect match for those not blessed with height as one of their assets.  Never fear, you can always pick a dress that endows you with celebrity looks if you browse through the collections at, a groove site for celebrity fashion searchers. is a great site operated from London and India focusing on helping girls achieve celebrity style looks with dresses inspired by the likes of famous film personalities of today. However, designers at Koovs know about clothing and personality types so when you seek something similar to what Priyanka is wearing and drawing rave attention, you can be sure that apparel will be suitably modified to your size.
Clothing is about being chic without overdoing it. If you wish to overdo it you might just as well wrap yourself in a nine yard Kanjeevaram. If you look closely, celebrities wear the same type of clothes everyone else does but it is those little touches of styling and embellishments here and there, a slightly modified cut or length that makes the essential difference. Koovs also provides discount and offer on these products for more offer and deal visit

Celebrity Style does not necessarily mean ‘Exposing’

At times you will gasp because some celebrities do dress a bit boldly and that is putting it mildly. Just for the heck of it or to make a different fashion statement or to stand out from the rest of the crowd, they opt for daring dresses. Can you dare to put on revealing clothes that get you noticed and make a celebrity of sorts in your circles? Move on to and you can cavort with their selection of celebrity style clothing. A dress is a dress, but if you give it a plunging neckline or a backline and a shorter hem people looking your way might not feel the same way they would when they eye celebrities with revealing clothes.

Picking shoes and jewelry to go with the dress in addition to perfect make up the way Angeline Jolie does it is another way to attain celebrity style clothing looks you crave for so much. Get all you need by way of cosmetic, jewelry and accessories from Koovs and then step out with flair you can also consider myntra for fashion clothing and accessories. Koovs provides exclusive offer and coupons on clothing and fashion stuff so to get the best deal and offer for koovs visit and save the money while shopping online.


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