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CONTEST: What Do You Hate About Yourself & What Do You Love? #SecretsRevealed


Contest: Share Your Secrets & Innermost Fears #SecretsRevealed

There are times when we hate ourselves, hate every little thing about ourselves and wish we looked, behaved and sometimes even been some one else... And then there are times when we love ourselves to bits... Love the way we look, love the way we smile and even love the faint smile lines we get...

So last evening after I had a long, stressful day at work, I was sitting on my balcony looking at the pouring rain and thinking about all things I hated about myself... It was just one of those days when I couldn't find anything right with me and I was almost drowning myself in self pity... The warm green tea wasn't helping, the snuggly blanket wasn't helping and the fact that the weather was so beautiful didn't help either. So I went on being unhappy for what seemed like an eternity...

I finally hauled myself up from my reverie and decided to get myself a bowl of melted ice-cream from the kitchen... On my way I happened to glance at the mirror and what caught my eye was the perfectly done, sharp winged liner... I stopped, fully turned towards the mirror and scrutinized myself... I took in my eyes, my cheekbones and the way my collarbone becomes delicately prominent when I lightly shrug my shoulders...

Everything seemed beautiful again, I felt happier, the clouds magically parted and I saw the sun through the rain... It was spectacular...

So I realised even though there were things that I disliked about myself and even though I kept it all a secret inside of me, it was eating me up... But what saved me was the fact that there were things that I still loved about myself and because of that I have the strength to face my fears, my weaknesses and finally Reveal The Secret...

So today, I urge you all to face your doubts, tackle the angst and bring out in the open what you hate and love about yourself... #SecretsRevealed

Let me start...
One thing that I HATE about myself: My flabby upper arms
One thing that I LOVE about myself: My eyes and how they look utterly gorgeous with a winged liner...

So reveal your secrets ladies through the comments section and liberate yourselves from whats keeping you down... ♥

One lucky winner gets a hamper from Za-House of Shiseido :)



  1. Aw I love your eyes samu...
    One thing I hate about myself is I get easily distracted
    One thing I love about myself is my smile

    Gowthami x

  2. hi
    one thing i hate aboutmyself is my short temper i get anhry soon phew!!!
    one thing i love is my generous n helping kind nature towards all
    sugandha dixit

  3. hi
    onething i hate is my lil patience
    one thig i love is my pout my lips n d fuller lips i have yipeee

  4. Hi Samyukta....

    One thing I HATE about myself is how fast I get tanned
    The one thing I LOVE about myself is my confidence; the belief that I can and I will!

  5. Hi sam
    one thing I hate about myself is my laziness to do my skincare regime everyday.
    one thing I love about myself is my confidence towards every in my my life.

  6. Hiii suma :)
    What I hate about myself- my eyelashes that barely exist :(
    What I love about myself- my curly,voluminous hair and my high cheekbones :)

  7. Nice!
    One thing that I HATE about myself: I'm lazy and leave things upto the last minute
    One thing that I LOVE about myself: I don't give a shit about what others say about me! :P

  8. One thing I hate about myself : My droppy eyes.
    One thing I love about myself : The confidence which is never shaken

  9. one thing I hate about myself is dull and sticky skin during monsoons.
    one thing I love about myself is that I start my day with meditation.

  10. hi
    one thing i hate is i procrastinate alot
    one thing i love is i admire beauty n all d beautiful stuff around nature lover

  11. Hey Samyukta ! Thank you so much for Organizing this Super Aweeeeesome Giveaway for us :)

    One Thing I hate about myself is : I am an Extreme person, I love extreme, and if (ya if ) I hate someone I do it for extreme !

    One thing I love myself is : I believe in #BeautyWithHeart ! :) Love Unconditionally :D

    Love ya
    Divya Gattani

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.


  13. One thing that I HATE about myself: I have a serious straight generally i m assumed to be serious boring types But actually i m too much fun loving and i crack up so easily and once i start laughing (which happens so often) its difficult to stop. :) And my laughter is so loud too.

    One thing that I LOVE about myself: There is not much difference between my face without makeup and with Makeup. I use to stupidly feeling bad before that why with makeup there is no dramatic change on my face. But one day i realised its actually a good means i naturally have grt features...I lov that now the most :)

    Ankita Patel

  14. I love your winged eyeliner too.

    It takes courage to let go of your innermost secrets. I started my day by reading this post on my phone and it really sent me into introspection mode. (thought I'm commenting on it much later)

    What I HATE about myself is that I can't seem to learn that expectations lead to disappointments. I still continue to get hurt.

    What I LOVE about myself is my hair. I very rarely have a bad hair day.

  15. One thing that I HATE about myself: i losed my self confidence totally whenever i face some continous failures in my doings

    One thing that I LOVE about myself: i can view this world in beautiful way by sharing my things for needy people

  16. Thanks for writing, I very much liked your newest post. I think you should post more frequently. you evidently have natural ability for blogging!
    Please don't forget to visit my blog
    thank you

  17. Loved everything about this blog post,such true words expressed wonderfully♥loved it
    The thing that I really really really hate about myself is I cry very easily and get carried out with emotions basically I cry a lot!!
    The good thing about me is that I can make yummy food,my family loves it♥

  18. One thing I hate about myself is my tan. While I am dusky to begin with my tan (brought about by a ghastly sun allergy) makes me look really dark, a skin tone that isn't appreciated by people in India. :/
    One thing I love about myself is my uninhibited smile that can light up an entire room. Even though I am sure to get numerous fine lines around my eyes soon enough, the smile reaches my eyes and makes everyone want to smile/laugh right back. :)

  19. hii
    ONE THIG I LOVE IS I m very good n fast laerner n very bright student..

  20. hi Samyukta!!!
    this is such an interesting contest...
    One thing that I HATE about myself: My ability to get tanned very easily during summers :(
    One thing that I LOVE about myself: My thick, voluminous, wavy hairs...they look naturally so healthy and beautiful...m so possessive about my hairs that I hate to experiment with them ;)

  21. One thing i hate about myslf is dt i pitty on people too soon n get tricked :( and wt i love about myslf is my 5.8" tall height :D

  22. One thing i hate about myslf is dt i pitty on people too soon n get tricked :( and wt i love about myslf is my 5.8" tall height :D

  23. Hi First of all thanks a lot for providing this platform of expression where in one can not only expresses self belief however get to know how creative and relaxing this opportunity could be..

    I am Rajvinder from Delhi ,lives with my mom thing I hate aboit my self is that whenever I see a complete happy family I desire to have the makes me low as I am deprived by God to have my own...My mom is the,only family I have though everything is ok and calm but the fear of godforsaken situation is somewhere haunts me every time...I hate this low negative thought that stays beside me every time..I wish it goes away and never come back to haunt me....

    The thing I love about my self is my ability to love unconditionally without expecting anything in return..I can sense the pain of people and try to sooth them with every possible approach I could use...

    As love and hate are like head and tail of a coin..I wish God gives every one an ability to cherish the same with same attitude and heart. :)

    1. apart from above here are two more secrets of mine which are close to my heart ...however these are not the ones who are keeping me low but are the ones that helps to rise and shine .... My Beauty Secret # I used to wear specs and recetly switched to lenses ..and now can’t live without lenses..but since long spces day i was huge fan of and used to apply eye liner and Mascara… AS these not only help me look adorable however also helps to reduce visiblity of dark cirlcls ..they are the ones who ere my companion since specs days and now it feels like i wedded with these two and can’t live without them.So to conclude these are the Culprits who should be blamed for my beauty

      Here is another secret of mine -

      Diet Secret # according to me clear and flawless skin can be achieved by makeup but it means artificially…True clear,Flawless skin can b achieved when your skin is healthy from inside..and when one’s,skin is healthy from inside confidence comes naturally as nothing matches Pure beauty and flawless personality so my idea for Diet is to have these essential elements without whom I wouldn’t mind skipping a meal too… I Believe diet should include certain ingredients specifically to give you a healthy food …these ingredients should be used in every recipe where ever situation allows as ingredients play an important role in building of any foundation and this goes with food too..That’s why here am I trying to share my dietary forms,I am great fan of Peppermint Mint as it eases stress, soothes the skin..and gives a cooling feel inside I add this in my desired drinks and chuntnies …no one can forget Water as it’s not only crucial for the functioning of the body but it is the best way to clear system to which’ s most important and basic step to get healthy skin. I consume substitute milk to absorb the nutritious vitamins and minerals. Lactic acid and the enzymes improve the skin.I can die for Nuts as they are not only delicious but contains selenium and zinc.and what tops among all is almonds as it help purify the blood and provide nutrients which is beneficial to the body.Brown rice is must intake as these contain antioxidants which are beneficial for the body.
      Garlic a basic herb that’s normally used in household but few are only fond of even I was earlier not a garlic person but it purges the body and the blood from harmful bacteria. And we all know that A clear system and good blood circulation improves the condition of the skin.hence I sacrificed my taste buds for this …Tomatoes are also a love of my life as these Protect skin from the sun with tomatoes reduces the oiliness of skin also help cure sunburn.Eggs Another good source of selenium are eggs. They also contains zinc and protein, which are both beneficial for healthy skin.I am eggitarion because of all these skin benefit…and at the end intake of green tea as it makes me energetic at the same time makes my system healthy from inside :)so to conclude intake of all mentions in my diet has not only improved my skin from inside but also blessed me with confidence and beauty that every girl could dream of <3

  24. I was looking you kind of blog from a long time finally I got your blog thanks you due to you blog I go so many help for my blog

  25. Hehe I can so relate wid u :)

    What I hate about myself: My chubby face which make me look more healthy than I am :(
    What I love about myself: My almost -perfect teeth which make my smile beautiful :)

    Okies.. Kinda relieved ;)

  26. Hi
    On thing i hate about me- My eys just because of dark which never goes even after trying so many things ;)
    On thing i love about me- My physique (yes because its kind of athlete physique ;) i love to stay fir :D

  27. I one thing I hate about myself is my dry & frizzy hair. Oh god! I always wonder only if my hair type was normal & straight I would have been the happiest person ever.

    I one thing I love about myself is I, Me & Myself. As I take good care of my health by going to aerobics everyday for 1 hour in the mornings I am in good shape. I take care of my diet by eating only organic veggies & fruits everyday & drink lots of water. Also ensure I get my beauty sleep every night for at least 8 hours. And I equally take care of my skin by following the CTM routine twice a day. As a result even though I am a mom of a 5 year old. People feel I am in college & get lots of compliments on how young & fit I look. pssstt...secret revealed to you...I also get a lot of hit ons at my gym by the younger guys. And I think that's the best feeling in the world for any woman specially if she is a Mom.


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