Tuesday, July 08, 2014

From The Archives: LOTD for Work


LOTD: Makeup for Work

Whatever happens, happens for the good... My mum always told me so and I strongly believe in it too... There are things happening around me that directly or indirectly affect me and my extended family but I am keeping my fingers crossed and pray that everything settles down and miraculously makes everyone who is concerned, happy... That said all I want to do right now is have a bowl of mint milk chocolate chip ice cream from Baskin Robbins... Ummm yeah, my mind is fickle like that :/

So anyways, I just got back from a quick vacation that was as relaxing as it was tiring, as fun as it was strenuous and as enchanting as it was predictable... I'll be writing about it in a couple of days and you'll get to know all about it :)

So while today is day1 of being back to reality and having just gotten back from a hectic day at work, I was blindly just browsing through old folders on my laptop when I came across my these pictures of the makeup I had done for work, eons ago... And well I had to share...

So here goes...

What do you think of the look?


  1. What is the lip colour?
    It looks glam but in an understated sort of way.

  2. These bangs look great on you!


  3. I have bid forehead and whenever I see you fringes pic I am tempted to get myself a haircut. You look nice and pretty lip shade

  4. I like this, it is not dull at all, uses colors, but doesn't look over the top. :)

  5. extremely pretty…. loving the lip color a lot….

    long time no see Suma… hope everything is great!


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